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Even though one has a speedo cable, and the other dosen't, the speed sensor itself is essentially the same, the only difference being that one speed sensor has a place for a cable, and the other dosen't. You should be able to make it work, by transferring the speed sensor from one transmission to the other, in other words, leave the speed sensor on the vehicle that it came installed on. The only thing that would be of concern is whether the gear ratio of the sensor is the same. When you pull out the two sensors, count the teeth on the plastic gear. If they are the same, then away you go! If they different, you can transfer the internal drive gear by removing the tail shaft housing from the transmissions. The tail shaft housing is easy to remove. It's only held on with 5 or 6 bolts, and it's pretty self-explanatory.

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Q: When you change a 1993 ford ranger manual trasmission that has a manual speedometer cable to a newer model that doesn't have a cable how can you make the speedometer work?
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Can you tow a Subaru Forester behind motor home?

yes, but manual trasmission ONLY

How do you change the cabin filter in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

it doesnt have one, read your manual

How do you change the speedometer sensor on a 1990 Honda Prelude SI?

The speedometer sensor is located on the top of the transmission. It is held on by one bolt. Remove the bolt and gently pull and turn the speedometer sensor and the whole assembly will come out of your transmission. is that on a manual or auto tranny? or is it in the same place for both?

How do you check or replace a speedometer in a 93 Ford Escort wagon?

Look up 1991 ford escorts manual transmission speedometer

How do you put transmission fluid in a 97 dodge neon manual trasmission?

Rubber plug on drivers side of trans. Near axle.

You have a chilton manual it tells you how to change the timing belt on a 1986 Chevy Nova but it doesnt show a diagram on how to set the pulleys for putting the belt back on?

It will show it in the Hanes manual

What kind of tranny fluid does a manual transmission in a Honda prelude take?

manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob

Where is the 96 VW Jetta manual transmission Speedometer gear?

Top of the transmission...

You have a 1994 KIA Sophia and the hold light flashes on were the speedometer is?

Owner's manual.

How do you replace a Speedometer cable from start to finish on a 1997 ford explorer?

Actually , it doesn't have a conventional speedometer cable , it has an electronic speedometer and a vehicle speed sensor ( VSS ) according to my Haynes repair manual

What would cause the speedometer to stick on a 2004 cavalier manual trans how do you change the cable?

remove cluster fuse to reset cluster....if still not working properly replace cluster

Where would you locate a speedometer cable on a 91 Pontiac Firebird if the instrument cluster plugs in?

The cable is manual drive on a 1991.It plugs directly in the back of the speedometer.

How do you change a speedometer light on a 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited?

everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the reference section for FREE to make copies up and fix like a pro!! :) Dave

How do you remove the speedometer?

Disconnect everything and pull it out if it is like a manual 1991 ford escort

How do you repair the speedometer for a 1995 ford escort manual transmission?

First check the speedometer cable going into the top of the transmission. If it is not broken the instrument cluster must be replaced.

Can you change the gauge cluster on a 1995 ford explorer with one from a 1997 to 2000 model if the engine cylinders are matched ie 6-cylinder have vin code x engine sohc 4.0l?

On your 1995 Ford Explorer you have a conventional speedometer cable driven speedometer , 1996 and newer Explorers have an electronic speedometer and a vehicle speed sensor according to my Haynes repair manual

Where is the fuse for Fiat palio 1.2 el speedometer?

FIAT'S Owners Manual does not list a fuse for the speedo or odo.

Does the Honda smx come in a manual vtec model?

simple answer is no it doesnt come in a manual also doesnt come with a vtec engine although have seen them advertised with such but that's just sales man bull

Ford e150 speedometer and odometer stopped working?

according to the owners manual this could be related to a problem with the ABS. I have the same problem and am looking for a diy solution. also from the owners manual the ABS controls the transmission , and my transmission is shifting roughly, which is what I noticed before I noticed that the speedometer wasn't working.

What if you change auto to manual on 94 mustang?

then your manual

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1994 Mitsubishi mirage with a manual transmission?

A manual transmision doesnt use transmision fluid

How do you replace the odometer cable in your 1997 ford explorer?

According to my Haynes repair manual, 1996 and later models do not use a conventional speedometer cable. They use an electronic speedometer and a vehicle speed sensor (VSS)

How do you check transmission oil level in a Mazda 323 manual transmission?

side of transmission thru speedometer cable port

1996 ford escort lx manual transmission speedometer is flipping out. What should be done?

This is very common on the 1996 Ford Escort unfortunately. Basically the speedometer cable has to be re-greased or the speedometer has to be replaced with the older 80mph model. Both "fixes" require disassembly of the dash to get to the cable/speedometer. See the ford escort owners association for more details/instructions.

Check the manual transaxle fluid in 95 ford escort?

1) Locate the speedometer cable attachment to the transaxle (just behind the intake manifold on the drivers side USA models) 2) Disconnect the electrical connector form the speed sensor 3) Remove the screw and retaining clip from the speedometer cable (completely move them out of the way so they do not fall into the transmission) 4) Remove the speedometer cable 5) Fluid should be between the top and bottom of the speedometer cable gear 6) Fill as needed 7) Check o ring on the speedometer gear housing replace it if it is damaged 8) Re-install the speedometer cable assembly, retainer, bolt, and electrical connector Remember the Escort uses automatic transmission fluid in the manual transmission for the 1991 - 2000 models' If you want to change the fluid Drain the fluid (drain plug on the bottom of the transmission) Re-install the drain plug. Remove the speedometer as stated above Add 2.9 quarts of Mercon ATF to the transmission Re-install Speedometer cable