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Hi, You will probably find that the rotor is 45 degrees out! (Compare the key (bit that pokes in the end of the cam) and rotor positions on your new ad old!) i recently had to replace my magnetic hall sensor divi coz it broke and after a day of trawling junk yards having being told by a Mazda dealer that i needed to replace the whole thing at 300 notes (apparently they don't just sell the hall unit!) i finally had a very nice man tell me that the optical divi on a Kia pride would probably fit! after 6 hours of fiddling and scheming the answers we come up with were as follows! 1 the divi rotor is a 1/4 turn out and the compensating for timing dose not allow for that much difference hence your situation of runs but poorly on max tilt 2. You cant just swap the shafts in the divi's over as the optical one is slightly slimmer to allow for a balancing shim for the optical wheel and finely 3 the only way to get the timing you want is to cut the end of the lug and do a bit of grinding to allow you to turn the divi where you really want it(you may have to create some sort of bracket for one of the lugs as the timing was beyond even the new cut lugs!). we did try moving the leads by 90o to see if we could catch the fire on the other edge of the adjuster but no luck - give it a go though! hope this helps oh and if you dint know the timing should be 6 - 8o

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Q: When you changed your distributor and put it back its not giving you enough room to advance it its starting but sounding rough and the moment you take off throttle it cuts off you have set timing tdc?
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What is a distributor plate?

its the bottom plate that moves in the distributor to advance the timing

Ignition timing for 1600 beetle?

I really depends on what distributor you have on the engine. It could be a mechanical advance distributor or a vacuum advance distributor (stock). Google "the Somba" Volkswagen forum and all will be explained.

How do you advance a mopar 318 distributor cap?

you do not adjust a distributor cap you adjust the timing.

For a volkswagen with rotor that turns clockwise what direction do you turn distributor to advance or retard?

To advance, rotate the distributor counter-clockwise. To retard, roatate it clockwise).

Vacuum advance hook up on 63 Chevy 283 engine?

There should be a vacuum source on the carb above the throttle body that gives spark ported vacuum. You can connect a tube from this source to the distributor.

How do you advance timing on GMC 5.7?

turn the distributor.

Is there a way to set the timing from the distributor cap?

You can't set the timing but you can either advance or retard it from the distributor.

Witch way do you twist the distributor to advance the timing?

To advance ignition timing, loosen the distributor clamp and in very small increments turn the distributor body in the OPPOSITE direction of the rotor's normal rotation. If you don't know which way the rotor turns, you can find out easily by removing the distributor cap and having a helper turn the engine over with the ignition key switch. To advance the timing turn the distributor counter clockwise.

A distributor with vacuum advance compensates for varying?

engine loads

For a Chevy 350 with rotor that turns clockwise what direction do you turn distributor to advance or retard?

Rtr. turning clockwise. Rotate distributor counter clockwise to advance timing, clockwise to retard.

Which way do you turn the distributor on a 7.4 liter Chevy to advance the timing?

Counter clockwise to advance.......clockwise to retard

How do you advance the timing on a Ford 302?

Loosen the distributor hold down first. On most distributors turning clockwise will advance timing, CCW will retard timing. For V8s I like to set the timing like this: Advance timing a bit, then grab the throttle on the carb and rev the engine to full throttle. Keep repeating these 2 steps until the engine stumbles or pings when you rev it up. When you get to that point set the timing back just a touch, and rev it again to make sure you are at the point just before where it wants to stumble.

Where is the vacuum advance located on 1984 cj7?

at the distributor. mechanical type

What is the correct distributor position for a Chevy 350?

10 degrees advance

What is the full form a2dp in mobile?

Advance Audio Distributor Profile.

How do you advance the timing 289 ford engine 1965?

By rotating the distributor.

Is there an internal advance mechanism in a 1992 43l distributor?

all distributors have some kind of centrifugal advance, you will be able to see if you take the distributor cap and rotor off. have a look at the base plate to see.

How do you remove vacuum advance pot on 454 distributor?

Detach the vacuum hose from the vacuum advance unit. Remove the distributor cap and unscrew the two mounting screws. Pull the rotor off the shaft and remove those two mounting screws as well. Unscrew the two advance unit mounting screws and remove the unit from the distributor.

What controls distributor advance on a 1987 Chevy 305 TBI engine?

Distributor Advance is the wrong term; the Distributor Advance system implies actually moving the timing components of the distributor to control timing of spark in the engine (A Vacuum Advance, is an example of this). Modern controls use computer spark mapping, through learned routines or factory set timing models to control the spark based on these tables, through the computer. In all essence it is the computer that controls all spark functions.

Which way do you turn distributor on 1974 corvette to advance timing?

counter clockwise

How do you advance the timing?

Normally by turning the distributor, in conjunction with a strobe timing light

For a 1990 305 which way do you turn the distributor to advance timing?

counter clockwise

Where should the timing be at on a 383 stroker motor with vacum advance?

Advance the distributor until the engine pings then back off to the point the engine stops pinging, tighten the distributor. This will require driving a few test runs.

What is the gap for the ignition points on a 1965 mustang?

The point gap for a 65 mustang that had a 260/289 V8 with a single point, vacuum advance distributor was .014-.016. A car with a 170/200 6cyl motor with the single point vacuum advance distributor was .024-.026, and for a car that had the high performance 289 with the dual point, centrifugal advance distributor it was .019-.021

Where are the vacuum hoses on a 73 vw super beetle?

If you have a manual transmission and a centrifugal advance distributor, you don't have any. If you have vacuum advance on your distributor, there's one vacuum hose running from the side of the carb to the distributor. If you have an automatic transmission, you've got a hose from the intake manifold to the control valve.