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When you crank mi 94 Chevy caprice classic up in da mornin' it has a lil knockin' sound on da driver side then when it warm up it stops so what is that problem?



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sounds like you may have a sticky lifter...takes a few seconds for the hydraulic pressure to build up, then the noise stops. Chev 350's are notorious for a condition called "piston slap" after it gets a little older. The condition is caused by wear at the skirt of the piston that lets the piston "pop" from side to side in the cylinder. When the piston warms up, it expands to fill the cylinder and there isn't enough room so it doesn't make the noise any longer. It's not uncommon to drive a 350 for another 100,000 miles after it makes that noise. It's not a good thing or a bad thing, it's just something they do.