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The pain and the stress from the injury can result in a temporary increase in blood pressure. But if it's not tended to immediately and the blood loss stopped, it can result in a drop in blood pressure. This drop can sometimes be severe.

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Q: When you cut off your finger does your blood pressure increase?
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What to do when you cut your finger?

apply pressure to the cut to stop bleeding temporarily

What does it mean if you have dark brown blood when you cut your finger?

If you bleed dark brown blood when you cut your finger it means you are alive........ at least your body is.

When you cut your finger blood flows out later on the bleeding stop why?

when your finger gets cut and bleeds for 5 minutes or so and then just stops it's because the blood clots. it's not a bad clot just one to stop bleeding. washing the cut and applying pressure also helps.

Your boyfriend cut his finger and his blood was thick and gooey what could this be?

bacause of the cut

A girl cuts her finger which part of the blood will chemically stop her finger bleeding?

If a girl cuts her finger, the blood itself will chemically stop her finger from bleeding. The blood will form a clot at the cut and stop other blood from flowing out if no artery was severed.

Bleeding dark brown black blood from cut on finger?


What if you cut your finger and loses all of its blood?

First of all you will not die, second of all it depends on how much you cut it and what with. Butter knifes are not really known and popular for blood loss but there is much more blood in you're body to refil that spot if you've only cut you're finger.

What is the name of the tiny blood vessels that bleed if you cut your finger?

capillaries Capillary.

Why is your finger tingling after you cut it by accident?

it could be the lack of blood. you get a cut, bloods flows, eventualy it stops, and now you have less blood in your body. eat a cookie. hope this helps ps. the same thing happen to my pinky finger, maybe you cut a vain.

Why does your finger bleed when it get cut?

Because theres obviously blood under the skin and when there is an open wound the blood flows out.

If you cut your finger off will you see blue blood?

no becase the air make the blue blood turn red by prease

Why does blood spurt out profusely if the blood vessel on the wrist is cut?

If you cut any artery, blood will spurt out profusely. The heart pumps blood through the body under pressure.

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