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Change the fuel filter. If it still does it take it to a garage. try fuel filter possibly new injectors sitting on top of tbi

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Strange Cylinder in trunk 69 Pontiac firebird?

that is not a question It might be a co2 or compressed air container for the collapsible/inflatable spare tire that was available for the 69 firebird

Can a 1987 firebird fit a firebird formula engine?

sure, you might just have to change the motor mounts if your going from a 6 cyl. to a V8 and of course you will have to change the computer and wiring to the engine.

What if your 1997 firebird windshield molding is worn out?

Might want to avoid automatic car washes...

Would Unobtainium be the perfect fuel for the Alcubierre drive?

Since the Alcubierre drive would require exotic matter and specifically matter with a negative energy density, unobtanium might be a perfect fuel (presuming that its a consumable) given the significant overlap of a theoretical material with such a broad definition.

Where can you find an all firebird forum?

You might try thirdgen.org. It's for 3rd gen firebirds/camaros

Meter how many sq meter?

Meter is for length, square meter is for area. The two are utterly incompatible units. Informally, you might consider the meter, as opposed to the square meter, as "infinitely thin" in the second dimension.

Why is pen drive safely removed?

A pen drive has to be safely removed because there might be documents that are opened on the pen drive that might require to be saved on the drive. If you don't safelty remove the drive you might end up blacking the computer out.

Why might a scientist use a light meter?

Scientist use a light meter to show how light in shining on a surface !

What is the definition of meter wave?

I don't think that there is a wave with that name; it might refer to a wave that has a wavelength of approximately a meter.

What is the original radio and speakers in a 1979 Pontiac firebird trans am?

Push button AM/Fm Delco. Might have a cassette player.

How can you get a dandelion dragon on Dragon City?

Breed an ice dragon and a firebird dragon, it might take a few tries but you will get it eventually

Why don't my rear tail light work on my 1996 Pontiac Firebird?

It might be because the light bulb is blown. It might be because the fuse is blown. There could be a short in the wires.

Is it legal to park alongside a parking meter that is broken?

You can park at a meter that is broken, as long as the meter isn't "bagged" pending repair. If it is not bagged, you might also phone the number on the meter to report that it is broken.

What is a vehicle that has a meter?

This might be a "quick" definition of a taxi cab.

When might you use a meter stick?

to measure long distances

If an over the counter drug might affect your ability to drive it will?

If an over the counter drug might affect your ability to drive it will

Where can you find matter?

Matter is everywhere, though it might not include the air.

Do tigers love or like to swim?

it doesnt matter some might love it some might like it it doesnt matter

What is the temperature of dark matter?

At present we do not know. It might be almost motionless, it might have a high velocity, it might have a velocity near that of light. These three hypotheses of the nature of dark are called (respectively); cold dark matter, warm dark matter, and hot dark matter.

How do you unlock a locked steering wheel on a 1980 firebird with no key?

This is the removal and installation of a rear shock in a Camaro there might be some differences

Can an aftermarket steering wheel fit on a 2000 Firebird?

you might need to buy a kit but yes you can put one on any car

Should you drive after having laughing gas?

no you shouldn't because you might still be high or relaxed so if you drive you might crash

How many kilmeters are in a meter?

0.001 km in a meter. You might have meant it the other way around, in which case its 1000 meters in a kilometer

What are 4 jobs that you might be bitten by a dog?

Postman, pizza delivery driver, gas meter reader, electricity meter reader.

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