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When you get a divorce do both people in the divorce still have the same last name?

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Usually, the judge (and the paperwork) will ask if the wife would like to keep her last name or have her maiden named restored.

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How can you divorce an illegal immigrant?

serve them with divorce papers (at there last known address in their home country) and even if they dont reply.. you can still divorce, it just takes longer

Will an affair last after both parties divorce to be together?

Maybe but history/experience would seem to militate against it.

Do you have to have both spouses signatures for divorce in Georgia?

If the other spouse cannot be found then an advertisement in the town last known to live in newspaper is usually the norm for a divorce with only one signature.

Who received the largest divorce settlement in the last five years?

The largest divorce settlement in the last five years, was the divorce of Rupert and Anna Murdoch. This divorce amounted in a settlement of about $1.7 million.

Been separated for ten years do you still have to get divorced in Colorado?

I you don't want to still be married - which you HAVE been for the last ten years - then YES you need to get a divorce.

Can you get a divorce with out spouses signature if last than a year?

No you can not . both the couple must sign the papers to make the case proceed.

How do you divorce your husband if you don't know where he is?

Visit the family court in your jurisdiction and the clerk will explain the procedure. You can still obtain a divorce. Generally, a notice can be sent to the last known address and published in the local newspaper.

How simple is getting a divorce?

You have to file papers and then go through the court system til they finalize the divorce which in turn takes several months. If both parties are willing and sane, getting a divorce is non-problematic. Children can complicate matters, forcing a 6month wait before finalizing. If both sides are not cooperative getting a divorce may be harsh and last for years from guerilla attacks.

Can I change my last name before my divorce is final in Nigeria?

No you cannot change your last name before the divorce is finalized even in Nigeria.

You were married and divorced twice do you need only your last divorce papers or both?

Well, if your were marrying the 2 then you'll need the first. and then if divorced the 2 then you'll need the proof so legally you still don't have to pay their bills. So, yes you do.

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If you marry again which certificate of divorce will you use the first or the second?

The last person you divorce is the certificate of importance.

Can Jewish people divorce?

Yes. But it is the last resort. Women have a lot of hassle to get divorced because they have to receive a piece of paper from the man.

Wife who has Power of Attorney over her husband for the last several years They just recently divorce Is this Power of Attorny still valid?

There was probably a clause in the divorce decree that revoked it. And he should certainly revoke it if he hasn't already done so.

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If a husband and wife get a divorce can she legally change the childrens last names to her maiden name and the children still draw the fathers social security disability?

It probably depends on the custody of the parents but Im oretty sure you would need both parents to agree to the name change.

Ryan Sheckler's parents divorce?

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Do affairs that lead to divorce last?

ANSWER: It depends on how bad the betrayed spouse was hurt. Most of the divorce couples who end up into divorce end up having a hard time starting all over again. But for those who divorce because of the affairs, the spouse who did the wrong will end up regretting what happen. Some will continued fooling around to prove that he or she can still attract the opposite sex.

When did hezekiah walker and Monique walker divorce?

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Do Muslims agree with divorce?

They allow it but only as a last resort.

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If your trying to file for a divorce yourself and you dont know where the other party is except your last known address in another state what do you do to proceed?

You can still file for divorce but one thing your lawyer will need to do to make the divorce final, is post a public notice in the local paper, or post a note in the service annoucments for this person to come forward for the divorce within a certain time. If that person does not come forward or contest to the divorce, the divorce will be granted basied upon "abandonment" Legal aid is also available for this type of issue.