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The sperm goes into the vagina, goes through the cervix, and meets the egg in some part of the uterus, usually. Sometimes, it can fertilize an egg all the way up in the fallopian tubes, which is called an ectopic pregnancy, and has to be aborted because of risk to the mother. The fetus couldn't survive in an ectopic pregnancy anyway, as there is no nourishment and no room to grow and develop.

Once the egg, under normal circumstances, is fertilized, the egg then travels to the spot in the uterus that it wants to call home. This is where implantation occurs. Some could be high, some could be low in the uterus. Some right smack in the middle.

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If sperm lands on the thigh and the girl is feeling cramps the next day is she pregnant?

No it actually has to go into the vaginal area not on the outer part of the body.

Can a girl become pregnant through the touching of sperm through boxers and then side of her part cleaning it with a tissue immediately after?

No, she cannot. For a girl to get pregnant, the sperm must go several inches up her vagina. Also note that her body sees the sperm as a foreign object and so the sperm is constantly attacked by her antibodies. This is one of many reasons why some women have trouble getting pregnant even when they want to. So if the only contact with sperm was entirely on the outside of the body, then no, it has no chance at all of making her pregnant.

Can the women to be pregnant if the sperm go from the back?

the girl can get pregnant if the sperm go through the virgina hole

Does the sperm have to go in your vagina to get pregnant?

You can get pregnant if sperm is in or around the vagina. They will move to get home.

How do you never get pregnant naturally?

to artificailly get pregnant you can go to a sperm bank and choose a donor. to artificailly get pregnant you can go to a sperm bank and choose a donor.

Where on vagina would sperm need to go in order to get pregnant?

Sperm needs to go inside the vagina in order to get pregnant.

Would you be pregnant if the sperm did not go inside?

How does it works does the sperm needs to go inside a girl to get pregnant if not are we okay if it doesn't go inside

Can you get pregnant if the sperm go into the vigana?


What if hymen does not break and sperms go in?

If sperm go in, you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the penis does not go in?

Yes. If ANY sperm goes in the vagina you WILL get pregnant

How can u get pregnant?

you can get pregnant by having sex with a guy. he has to put his penis into her Virgina and has his sperm go into her and she then get pregnant.

Does it the penis have to go in before getting pregnant?

No, it does not have to actually go in, just the sperm does.

If there is sperm in a girl body is there any way she can do that she wont get pregnant?

Go to your nearest doctor within 24hrs of intercourse and ask for the morning-after pill.

Can a woman get pregnant from sperm that doesn't go inside the vagina but just goes on her lower abdomen or leg?

No if the sperm is on your leg or abbdomen you can not get pregnant but the sperm doesn't need to go in you all the way it just needs to get on the opening of your vagina

Does a male have to go through puberty to get his girlfriend pregnant?

Boys must be in Puberty to be able to produce sperm. Girls need sperm to become pregnant.

What is artificial sperm injections?

Artificial insemination is when you go to a clinic and they insert sperm into the vagina in order for you to get pregnant.

How can you fix the problem of your body killing male sperm?

That is not what your body is doing. if the both of you have tried to get pregnant on your fertile days in a years time and not succeeded, you cannot both go see the doctor so they can see if there is soemthing wrong wiht the eggs or sperm.

If a guy ejaculated on both sides of your bikini area could you be pregnant?

Not likely, sweetie. The sperm has to go a lot deeper inside your body than that.

Can you get pregnant if you touch sperm and then clean yourself when you go to the bathroom?

yes you can become pregnant because it touched you

Can a woman get pregnant if the sperm doesnot go inside?

no, because without the sperm cell, no baby can start to form

Can you get pregnant without a mans spurn?

If you mean "a man's sperm" then no, you can't. But you don't necessarily have to have sex with a guy to get pregnant because these days there are medical procedures you can go through if you want to get pregnant...but sperm is still involved with that.

I want to get pregnant and have my own child but dont want to commit to anyone What do i do?

I'd go to a sperm bank and get pregnant

How does a female horse get pregnant?

a mare is a female,a stallion is a male. a mare comes into heat and the stallion smells it and mounts her. he shoves his penis into her vigina and releses sperm(his testicals make sperm) and the sperm get her pregnant. go to google

Do the sperm have to go in vagina to get pregnant?

yes it may hurt a little though

Can a woman get pregnant by being eaten out?

No a girl cannot get pregnant by "being eaten out" To get a girl pregnant a male's sperm must go into to the Female's sexual reproductive organ In other words he must put sperm in your vagina to get you pregnant not just his tongue.

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