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The "pretrial" designation is a bit confusing as that is not a part of the civil lawsuit procedure. Nevertheless, the court itself does not seize a debtor's property except when it pertains to issues such as state taxes or unpaid child support. When a creditor wins a lawsuit a judgment is entered against the debtor. The creditor can then enforce the judgment in whatever manner the laws of the debtor's state allow. The preferred method is wage garnishment, followed by bank account levy, liens against real property, seizure and sale of nonexempt property belonging to the debtor. It is always preferable to have legal counsel when being sued, or at the very least legal advice on the matter.

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Q: When you go to pretrial for a credit card debt can the courts take your car or bank accounts or force garnishment of your wages and should you get a lawyer?
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Yes, Texas allows garnishment of wages for credit card debit

Will a wage garnishment show up on your credit report?

The garnishment wount. But what led upto the garnishment may.

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What are the 3 categories of consumer credit?

The three types of accounts on a consumer credit report are installment accounts, revolving credit and open accounts. Credit cards are considered revolving accounts.

How do you find garnishment balance?

You can find your garnishment balance by contacting the court who issued the garnishment or the creditor who put the garnishment on your wages. You could also pull a credit report to see your current balance.

Does Louisiana allow wage garnishment from credit card companies?


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Does Virginia allow wage garnishment for credit card debt?

Yes, a judgment creditor can execute the judgment as a wage garnishment.

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revenue accounts increase by credit

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a credit agency garnished my income tax,is the the child tax credit exempt from the garnishment?

Can you write off credit card wage garnishment payments on your taxes?

You cannot write off credit card wage garnishment payments on your taxes. It is best not to get into a situation where your wages are being garnished.

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