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Yes, a undergraduate is a person who is going for their BA, A graduate is someone that has their BA and working for their masters. An undergraduate is any person enrolled in a four-year college or university program who has not yet graduated with his or her Bachelors degree, B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) or B.S. (Bachelor of Science). Whether you go straight on to college from high school, or enroll in college at a later date, if you are in college and working toward a four-year degree, you are an undergraduate. The term simply distinguishes one from a person studying toward a graduate degree, as in a Masters, M.A. or M.S. or Doctorate, Ph.D., degree. The timing is insignificant; it is the act of being in school that defines an undergraduate. Technically, you could be an 80-year-old undergraduate.

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Q: When you graduate high school and go right onto college does that make you an undergraduate?
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Did Whitney Houston graduate from college?

No, she decided to embark on a music career right after high school.

Can you take both graduate degrees and undergraduate degrees?

Yes, your undergraduate degree is what qualifies you for the graduate or master's degree. Make sure the undergraduate college you enroll in has the right accreditation for the master's you intend to enroll in. An undergraduate degree is required if you want to do your graduate or master's in that specific subject. Most universities accept students for master's only after they have completed their bachelor's. Although there are some colleges that offer dual programs in bachelor's and master's. Make sure the college you apply to is accredited, and also whether it is ready to transfer your credits from bachelor's to master's.

What city and state is Harvard College in?

Harvard's main campus (including undergraduate program and most graduate schools) are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is right outside of Boston.

When would you graduate from college if you were born in 1966?

If you went to a four-year school right after high school, you would likely be in the Class of 1988.

Should I go to a college for prelaw for 4 years then go to law school or should I go to law school right after high school?

You can't go to law school right after high school; one of the minimum requirements for entrance to law school is an undergraduate college degree, preferably with a very high GPA.

Do you have to graduate to get into US military?

As of right now 30 April 2010 each branch will not process a person for enlistment unless that person is a High School Senior who is expected to graduate, a High School Graduate, College Student or a person who holds a GED with 15 college credits or more. If a High School Senior has already enlisted into any branch of service and fails to graduate then they have failed to meet the requirements for enlistment and their contract will be terminated.

Which side does the graduation tassel go after a student graduates?

For high school graduations and undergraduate degrees, it goes on the right before you graduate and is then switched to the left after you graduate. For masters degrees and doctorates, it starts on the left and stays on the left. It is not moved before, during, or after graduation.

How old do you have to graduating in college?

you can be any age to graduate out of college. you could be in you 40's and be in college. you can go any time you want to. u don't have to go right after you graduate out of school. if you skip a whole bunch of grades, you could be in college at age 16! they don't care! i hope i helped u answer you question :)

Can you go to vet school right out of high school?

Not in the United States - you have to complete at least three years of undergraduate college before you can apply to vet school. However, this varies depending upon the country you are in and the educational system of that country.

What type of an education do you need for the army?

Ged Or HS Diploma As of right now 30 April 2010 you must be a High School Senior, High School Graduate, College Student or have a GED with 15 or more college credits.

What are dreams you hope for?

a dream that i hope for, is to graduate high school with good grades so i can go to college, find the right guy for me and start a family.

Did Taylor Swift graduate college?

No, she never went to college. She is only 20 right now, and she started her music career at 16. She had to be homeschooled for the last two years of her high school life.

Why do people get their GED?

People usually get their GED if they did not graduate high school... the score kind of replaces your high school diploma... People also take it when they have been homeschooled and want to get into College. It proves that they have been learning and are at the right level to enter College.

When did Bill Cosby graduate college?

1,000 BC right when your mom was born

If you desire to become a clinical psychologist what subjects in school should you do?

The answers depends on what grade you are in right now. If you are high school or lower, you should follow the college prep curriculum. It will include classes like biology and social studies. If you are an undergraduate at a university, you should major in psychology or sociology. After you have completed your undergraduate degree, you can enroll in a master's program for clinical psychology.

Do you need to get a post graduate degree if you major in Management?

Majoring in management does not require a post graduate degree, although it is a pipeline that often ends with graduate school. Many Management graduates go on to careers right out of school.

Why should a company hire a fresh graduate right out of school?

The fresh graduate would have the "book knowledge" for the position required and the company can "mold" the graduate to the systems requirements.

How to Apply for the Right Graduate School?

With the vast number of graduate schools in the United States and abroad, choosing the right program can be a difficult decision. Many factors play a role in applying for graduate school such as the location, cost, and the entry requirements. Though applying for the right school may prove tricky, planning ahead and being aware of key deadlines can make the process easier.Finding the Right SchoolThe first step in apply to the right graduate school is choosing a major. Most undergraduates or students entering graduate school chose a master’s program that correlates with their undergraduate degree. A person with a bachelor’s degree in psychology may chose to earn a master’s in mental health counseling. The beauty of graduate school is that you do not have to choose a major that is similar to the bachelor’s degree you earned as long as you meet the prerequisites stated by the graduate department you choose. Consider the Cost and LocationThe cost of attending graduate school is relatively higher than attending an undergraduate school. Consider the cost and location of the school. Out-of-state fees may alter your decision, so check with the graduate program you choose to see if any fees can be waived if you are to choose an out-of-state program. Also, take note of the application fee for applying to the program. Meeting the Deadlines and Applying for the ProgramMeeting the deadlines is the most critical step in applying for the right graduate school. If a deadline is missed, you may risk the chance of gaining acceptance into the program of your chose. Most if not all graduate schools have deadlines. Some admit students for fall, spring, and summer semesters, will others may only accept students once a year. Check all deadlines for the program, and take note of all documentation needed to apply. Many graduate schools ask that you submit transcripts, letters of recommendation, a goal statement, and scores from nationally recognized tests such as the GRE, so plan ahead so that all documentation is ready for the application deadline. If the GRE test is required, check the deadlines for taking the test and be sure to plan ahead. After you have found the right school, considered the costs and location and have gathered all of your documentation, submit your application package to the graduate program.

When did Michael Phelps graduate?

he is in college right now at the University of Michigan. he hasn't graduated from there yet

Can you graduate college if you are illegal immigrant?

Yes, but you would still lack the legal right to work

Where can I find scholarships for undergraduate students?

There are many scholarships available for different types of students including undergraduate students. You can find information right here

What year do you graduate if your in the 10th grade in high school right now?

2013 if you have the credits

Is a bachelor's degree an undergraduate or graduate degree?

A bachelor's degree is an undergraduate degree program. It requires you to complete 120 to 128 credits depending on the program you choose. It is important to choose the right college, one that's well-known, has received accreditation from a reputed accrediting body. Some colleges offer online and on-campus programs that allow you to complete your program in as little as 30 to 36 months. Graduate degrees include master's degrees, ph.d's, ed.d's, juris doctorates...etc.

What can you benefit from college?

This expression is often right: "The more you learn, the more you earn." Studies have shown that college graduates make over $1 million more in their lifetime than just a high school graduate. Being a high school graduate alone offers low-skill, low-paying jobs most of the time. Even being a vocational student does not nearly add up to the career and economic oppurtunities that come with a college graduate. Plus, the knowledge you learn and the experience will help guide you through the rest of your life.

Do you have to be a US citizen to go to school?

No. Everybody has the right to a free education in the United States until they graduate high school.