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Your drain line is plugged somewhere after your shower and toilet line are connected. The reason for the gurgle in your toilet is because air is trapped in the drain and your toilet is the closest place for air to flow to. If you had a vent on your toilet trap arm then it would gurgle in the vent rather in your toilet but your drain is still plugged and needs to be snaked out and maybe your drain line needs to be examined for right grade or broken.

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Q: When you have a shower toilet gurgles water backs up what do you do?
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Why does Shower gurgle when faucet drains?

The shower gurgles because the water is going down the pipes.

When taking shower and someone flushes toilet at same time the water in shower is scalding hot?

When you take a shower, you're mixing a combination of hot and cold water to make a comfortable temperature for the shower water. A toilet draws only off the cold water system. In older or poorly designed plumbing systems, when you flush the toilet, the cold water is pulled by toilet, so the water coming through the shower is only drawing from the hot water tank.

Why is it bad to flush the toilet when someone is in the shower?

Because it effects the water pressure of the shower. This causes the temperature of the water in the shower to also change.

What should you do if your shower gurgles when the toilet is flushed and the toilet doesn't always work and you also get a drain pipe leak in your basement when too much water is used at the same time?

First thing you should do is call a plumber. Drain lines are not supposed to leak. Your drain line is clogged and needs to be snaked out and the leaking pipe repaired.

Why does the water pressure in your sprinklers fluctuate?

Because someone is using water somewhere else. For instance, if you are having a shower and someone flushes the toilet, the water going to the shower is decreased because some is going to the toilet now.

When flushing toilet the water coming out of shower head get cold or hot?

It won't change when you flush the toilet. :)

Why when you empty your bath water does the toilet bubble and water comes up into the shower?

They share the same drain system. Be thankful that flush water etc from the toilet does not bubble in the bath or shower. But it is a badly designed system, it shouldn't happen.

Why does your shower plughole bubble when you flush the toilet?

Because the two pipes are connected, and the shower is farther down the line than the toilet. So when you flush, you are hearing the water from the toilet pass by your tub. This is also why you will have sewage in your tub if your waste water line is extremely backed up.

When in shower if a toilet gets flushed water in shower turns ice cold what causes this?

Incorrect pipe size installations

How do I get the toilet to stop making the shower water hotter?

One of the easiest and least expensive fixes for this problem is to adjust the flow of water into the toilet. If the toilet fills more slowly, it will not alter the water pressure enough to change the temperature of the shower. Another possible solution, which would require the purchase of a special valve and possibly installation by a plumber, is to install a thermostat-controlled water valve in the shower to keep the water flow at a constant temperature.

Would you pay rent for a apartment that has no toilet or water or hot water or shower?

Maybe, but certainly not much

How do you fix When you flush the toilet the shower water gets hot?

Install a new pressure balancing valve in shower which helps with problem.

Flushing toilet changes water temperature while in the shower?

This is not an uusual as when the toilet is flushed more cold water is drawn usually from the cold water pipe that suplies the shower with cold water so generaly the water under the shower gets hotter. The only way to stop this from happening is to lay an extra pipe all the way to the ater suply point, or fit a pump to maintain the presure

When you flush the toilet the shower water gets hot why?

Code allows your plumber to supply three fixtures using 1/2 tubing. In most bathrooms, you only have three fixtures (tub/toilet/lavatory). So most plumbers only run 1/2 pipe to supply the bathroom. Code allows this. Personally, I find this layout a little short-sighted.Anyways - when someone flushes, the toilet requires water to refill. Which means your shower is now sharing that water supply with the toilet as the toilet refills. What I love best is when you re-adjust the shower valve...then the toilet quits filling...and you scald yourself. Lots of fun there.Your problem is caused by poor plumbing (my opinion) or if you are in an older home, galvanized pipes tend to corrode from the inside which only makes the condition worse.If you like to do things yourself, carry over a 3/4 line and pull 1/2 take-offs for each fixture and the problem will be solved.In a straight : When you shower you are using both hot and cold at the same time and when you flush the toilet you are causing the homes cold water to be guided more through the toilet line including the cold water that you are using from the shower line.:If a few words, water pressure and flow are inversely related. The more flow you have, the less the water pressure. Since the toilet and shower are connected to the same water supply line, when there is flow into the toilet, it takes away from the shower. Since cold water is used to supply the toilet, it takes away from the cold water flow to the shower. With the same amount of hot water flowing, the temperature of the water in the shower will get hotter.

How many pipes needed for a bathroom?

Supply lines- Hot and cold water for each sink, bathtub, Jacuzzi tub, and shower. Cold water for each toilet. Drain lines- one for each sink, bathtub, Jacuzzi tub, shower, and toilet.

What does gray and brown water mean?

Grey is usually dirty water but not toilet water (shower, sink drain) Black (or Brown) is sewage from the toilet. If you have a motorhome there will be two sewage tanks... "grey" and "black"

Why do brits call a toilet a water closet?

Same reason they call a shower a rain locker

What is a plumbing fixture?

Anything connected to water pipes. Sink, faucet, toilet, shower and controls.

Why does water suddenly becomes hot for a few seconds in shower?

Somebody running cold water or flushing toilet in the house..

How do you fix shower hot water when toilet is flushed?

Run a new cold supply line from the source. This will drain less pressure from the the cold shower line.

What are two ways to conserve water?

dont flush the toilet for a week and take a shower twice a month

What kind of plumbing problem causes a wet floor when toilet is flushed and water is backed up in the shower next to it. The toilet bowl has not refilled but the toilet water reservoir is full.?

Sound like you have a clogged toilet and or a clog in your main drain under your toilet. Shut off water supply to toilet remove water from toilet tank. Puchase a wax ring for your toilet prior to disconnecting toilet from supply line and floor bolt on the right and left of your toilet. Remove toilet from floor if water is standing in pipe under where toilet was this is where your problem lies. If no water or clog present, turn toilet on side and lokk in hole at the bottomof toilet. Clear was is stuck in toilet clean off old wax ring install new one and put toilet back together.

Your water drips when you take a shower?

You need either a new O ring in the shower or tap anew washer in the tap, or you should go to the toilet before showering.

What can you do if you turn the water off on the main floor underneath the toilet can you use the bathtub upstairs?

Unless it is a very strange arrangement, turning off the toilet on the first floor should only shut off the water to that toilet. It should have no effect on the upstairs shower.

What is a water closet called in the US?

A toilet. Same reason a shower is called a rain locker

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