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She is being very honest with you although I am sure that it wasn't the answer you wanted to hear. I would continue to be friends with her, and perhaps, some time in the future she may see more in you. Right now she wants to be free and be able to see who she wants. If you can't handle being around her because of your feelings, then I suggest you move on and go out with friends and have a little fun. One day you will meet someone else. I had a good male friend and I felt we were like brother and sister, but it turned out his feelings were stronger for me than I could ever imagine. He finally told me, and like this girl, I told him the truth. It didn't injure our friendship at all although I am sure his feelings were hurt. We still managed to have together. Later, he met a wonderful girl, got married, has 2 children and they have been married for 36 years. He didn't let me stop him! Good luck Marcy I don't think you can..So treasure the friendship and find love somewhere else.

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Q: When you have been friends with a girl for a long time and you've told her you have strong feelings for her but she doesn't feel the same way how do you get her to see you as more than a friend?
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You used to go out with your friend and you broke up and became friends he still has feelings for you and you now have strong feelings for him?

question cont- and now you have strong feelings for him, but hes in a long distance relationship with someone whom hes never met, yet cheated on them with you, what do you do?

What to do when you have strong feelings for your best friend boyfriend?

just tell him

What does dreaming about sleeping with your friend mean?

You have very strong feelings for them

How do you get someone who doesn't notice you to have strong feelings for you?

Try befriending that person and if that works, you may become best friends. Then that person will have strong feelings for you.

Ok so your boyfriend broke up with you and you still have strong feelings for him but he just wants to be friends what should you do?

Just be friends with him because if you try to get him to go back out with you then he might not even want to be your friend anymore.

What do you do when your best friend is in love with you?

As best friends, you already love each other. But if you have strong feelings for that person and " truly love" them back , then consider dating or having a deeper relationship. If you don't share the same feelings, then tell them "I love you too, your such a great friend." Its a perfect, indiscreet way to say you just wanna be best friends and nothing more.

Is it possible for a married man not to have feelings for a girl he was friends with for years and they had an affair that lasted for months until they got caught now he doesnt speak to her?

Yes, it is possible for a married man to have some feelings about a girl friend that he had an affair with as they had some good memories together. However, this does not mean he loves her, but probably misses her as a friend. In time, memories fade and hopefully the marriage is strong enough to survive. Good communication skills to discuss each others feelings is extremely important and perhaps marriage counseling would help.

What would happen if you told your best friend that you like him?

he could have the same feelings. or he could not. you will never know unless you try. i had the same thing happen. i liked my best friend, he liked me as well. we went out for a couple of monthes, and mutually agreed we are better off just as friends. it wont be the end of the world if he doesnt like you, if your friendship is strong enough it wont hurt it.

What would you do if your friend have strong feelings for your boyfriend and it bothers u but u cant do anything about it because they were friend way before u met him?


If Bella's feelings to Jacob were strong why they fades so fast or it was just a kind of not very strong falling in love?

They were actually renesmes feelings of love Bella only loved him as a friend Renesme loved him as a soul mate.

The word strong feelings is that good?

Strong feelings can be good feelings or bad feelings that are more intense than average, for example, hate is a stong feeling and love is a strong feeling.

Is cloud and tifa a couple?

They are not a couple, just childhood friends. It is believed that Tifa has strong feelings for Cloud and would like to be more than 'just friends'.

What if a girl told a guy she loved him?

she most likely has strong feelings towards this guy and if this guy has strong feelings towards her he should express it to her in a way that is appropiate but if the guy is not feeling the same way he needs to let her know that they can be friends so she does not get led on and have her feelings hurt or her heart broke

What type of sentences show strong feelings?

Exclamatory sentences show strong feelings.

What does it mean when your best friend a boy gets jealous of you dating?

It means that your really close with your friend and he has started to have feelings for you. But it also means that it could ruin your friendship unless he has strong feeling for you. You need to think it through and find out if you have feelings for him, too.

When pregnant does the mother have strong feelings for the father?

depends on the mother. do you have strong feelings for the guy that got you pregnant?

Strong language often means?

strong feelings

How can you tell your best friend of 4 years you love them?

If you have been best friends, you should be able to say every secret to friends always understands problems or troubleseven if you love them, you never know they might love you back.Just tell them (in private) that you have strong feelings for them.I hope that helped x

My feelings are strong for you?

Yes (:

Why does the ex partner communicate with you after they broke up with you?

They may still have feelings for you or they may simpley just want to remain good friends. Some relationships are so good and strong that even thought the person doesnt want to be involved romantically, they dont want to lose that person from their life.

IS it wrong to try to kiss your best friend and yall arent going out?

in a way yes but do both of you guyz have strong feelings for each other? if you guyz r really good friends think about it and try going out.or you can just forget about it and just be friends because who knows how the relationship could end.then your friendship will be ruined

What do you do if you hate this girl but she is friends with your best friend and she hangs around with you?

Learn to like her. Look at the reason you dislike this new friend first. Hate is a strong word. The feeling you have might not be acceptable to the your best friend. She might feel your anger over being with this new friend. Best to talk to an adult about your feelings, like a school guidance counsellor. Figure out how to feel one positive feeling about her, and mend the broken fence.

How do you get a best friend back from a mean friend?

Okay so i lost my best friend to someone that was really mean to me behind my best friends back. I thought i'd never get her back but recently i have what i did was I just acted normal around her and was nice to her like i'd always been, i treated her well and eventually after like a couple of weeks she realised how the mean friend was with me and was pretty upset too. Everyone that hasn't been in this situation is like oh just tell your best friend your feelings and she/he will understand if they're truly your best friend but i couldn't do this as my best friend isn't the type to talk about feelings so just be there for them and then you'll get them back easy, they'll realise your a good friend and don't want to not be best friends with you. Just be strong and persevere:) Hope this helps:)

Why does your ex keep texting you after she left you to be with another girl?

She still has strong feelings for you or wants to stay friends (it all depends on what she's been texting you)

Should your best girl friend date your ex that you still have feelings for?

Maybe. If you do not get jelous easily it can maybe work. It's happen before to me..I was furious at my best friend for not telling me..If you think your okay about still talk to your best friend and see what she says....If she still doesn't exept your feelings she is not a good friend... i would say no.. i think of it like this if they were your true friends they wouldn't be dating your ex and if you still love him. it just makes it worse. i am going through the same thing right now and it is just i know how you feel..just be strong and stick in there.