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It is not recommended that they are kept together. Rooster can grow some pretty fierce spurs on their legs that can be leathal in a schuffle. Roosters can be very territorial, especially if there are hens around. They are not trained fighting roosters you can keep em together, a little bickering will happen, just like a bunch of dogs u can have more then one male. they should not fight sence theygrew up together


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My chickens and roosters and my two cats all get along really well together. If the chickens don't want the cats around they chase them out of the pen, other than that they they all get around together.

yes I have may types of chickens together the only way you shouldn't is if you have say old English game hens (small chickens) and road Island reds together (big chickens) if there is a size difference between your chickens the smaller ones could get in a sense beat up by the bigger ones. another reason might be if you have lots of roosters of diffrent kinds in there also (or just lots of roosters in general) because they fight and it will cause your roosters to hide

Oh yes, hens and roosters live together just fine, problems arise when roosters and roosters live together as they like to have fights to see who will be the dominant bird. The dominant male will get his choice of hens to breed with. Chicken have what is called a pecking order and that means that the strongest birds get the best roosting spot and the choices food.

Roosters will kill each other. Even if you raise two roosters togther they will still kill each other. I had two roosters that I raised together since they were chicks and one of them killed the other one. Hope this helps.

Yes. If you raise them together, they might be good. Roosters tend to bully the phesents. Almost all poulty get along well together.

saddly no they would fight over the best spot to lay there eggs even boys will fight for there lovers protection

No. Both male chickens (roosters) and female chickens (hens) have cloacas, a combination of sexual and excretory organs. Chickens mate by positioning their cloacas together, and the male immediately dumps sperm into the female. *There is a small internal bump where the rooster's sperm is released, called a papilla.

Make Roosters Stop FightingIf you let them run in the yard, they will fight it out until they figure out who the strongest rooster is. After that, they will keep their space and mioght fight every so often, but it will not be very serious. Keeping them close to each other where they can see each other but not fight may actuly increase their hostility toward each other.Trying to stop roosters from fighting is like trying to stop them from crowing. It can not really be done. The kindest thing is to rehome one of the roosters to someone with a group of hens so he can have his own territoryhey...i have been breeding chickens for years now and i find that a fare bit of friction between roosters depends on breeds and circumstances. i used to have two roosters...they hated each other from the moment they saw each other. while another two figured out the pecking order and got along the same pen...with shared hens. i currently have three roosters...they grew up together and are inseparable. so it can be done but it cannot be forced. there is nothing you can do, just keep an eye on them and see how they get on. PoultryTalk's Answer:I raise gamefowl and you cant stop them from fighting, its in their instinct even though people lie and say it isn't. Dont believe me, get a few young baby chicks and raise em on the yard. Do whatever you want and they will still fight. Laying type chickens are easier to keep together. But still on occasion will fight.

Two roosters can live together if there is enough space for them to get away from each other a little bit

Yes. As cockerels (As Male Chickens Younger than a year are referred to) grow into Roosters they begin to become sexually mature. Roosters, if not seperated when they are fully grown will begin to fight. The reason the Roosters fight is because they want to become top of the pecking order (you can research this more if you wish) but mainly want to become the leader of the flock so they have all rights to the hens. Any other Male is considered an 'intruder' wanting to battle over the rights of owning the flock. If two Roosters are placed together they will fight and often to the death. This is why you must separate Male Chickens to ensure they don't fight and become aggressive.

Yes and no. First off most will tell you it is best to have an odd number of roosters in a flock. Not an even number. Ducks & geese are messy birds. So they make dry bedding wet which chickens dislike. Hope this helps!

The minimum number of chickens that should be raised together is at least two chickens . I have two chickens and they get along great!!!

you can have two roosters in the same coop as long as they get along, ive had two roosters that were like brothers and got along perfectly but ive had some that all they did was fight. so it all depends on how they act together.

You can have as many hens as you want with A rooster. It's vital not to have 2 or more roosters together because they will fight over the hens and will eventually fight to death.

A single rooster can be enough for 20 hens, but it's possible to have several more than that. Roosters may, of course, fight if they are in the same flock, but they can also live peacefully together. It depends on the roosters and the situation, e.g. how they are introduced, if they are raised together, how territorial they are, etc. It's also a matter of how well they do with the hens. Even two roosters can sometimes be too much for the hens to handle if they're extremely aggressive with breeding with the hens. Older roosters will often be better around hens, so it's often better to have an older rooster already present if you're introducing a younger rooster, instead of just adding a few young roosters, but again, it just depends on each individual rooster and what he's like. Most young roosters will get better with the hens the longer they spend with them. Right now, I have five roosters living with a flock of 18 hens, and could even introduce more roosters if I wanted. They all live together very peacefully, aside from the occasional fight in the spring. All of the hens are happy, and don't get harassed by the roosters.

If the chickens are sectioned off, yes. But if they are both together then the cat may end up killing or injuring some of the chickens.

Typically, no. Having multiple roosters can cause stress on the hens - especially if there are not enough hens - and sometimes, roosters can be very aggressive and territorial.

Yes you can keep goats and chickens together, be aware though that the chickens will compete with the goats for the goat chow, the goats may get angry .

I have both white turkeys and chickens of various sorts. they were all raised together and get along quite well. i even have new pullets thatdont seem to bother the turkeys. i have two female turkeys and the only fighting they do is with each other.

No because a rabbit is big and a chickens are small

It is not a good idea to house chickens and quail together. The chickens will try to eat the quail and the quail will try to get out of the coop, never to be seen again.

My mom and sister had both peacocks and roosters and they co-habitate nicely. They each keep their respectful distances but will feed and forage together.

Certainly they can. Without any external stimulation from their own kind the roosters natural display tendencies will be lessened.

If possible, allow the smaller chickens to be in the same area as your larger chickens, without them being able to touch, e.g., plac their two runs together. Leave it for a few weeks until they are roughly the same size, and then allow them to share a run. Do not be alarmed by fighting, the chickens will just be establishing a new "pecking order". If fighting continue alarmingly for over a week or until some chickens show signs of distress however, e.g. losing feathers, you may needto get rid of that certain chicken being bullied. (This is quite rare).

no bunnies are carnivorous creatures that thirst for the blood of young chickens

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