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If you have unprotected sex and your partner ejaculates inside of you, you will more than likely feel it when you sit or stand up. It will kind of leak.

AnswerNo not all the time but most of the time you do. It feels better to have him ejaculate inside you.
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Q: When you have sexual intercourse do you feel the semen when the man ejaculates inside you?
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Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates inside the condom and the condom came off inside of you with the semen in it?

No, providing the semen stayed inside the condom.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend did not penetrate your vagina?

The only way you can get pregnant from sexual activities is if he ejaculates inside you. So it is highly unlikely that he got semen inside of you if he did not penetrate you.

Can a woman tatse semen after a man ejaculates inside of her?


When a man ejaculates inside a woman where does the semen go?

to her vagina

Parents produce offspring through?

Sexual intercourse also known as mating. In technical terms, the penis enters the vagina, ejaculates and then the semen makes its way to the egg. Then BAM there's a baby.

Can sperm fill the anus?

There is a chance if a man ejaculates inside the anus that a small amount of semen could accumulate, but will be excreted shortly there after. There is a chance if a man ejaculates inside the anus that a small amount of semen could accumulate, but will be excreted shortly there after.

What are the chances of getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate fluid and the man ejaculated before intercourse?

There may be sufficient sperm in the semen emanating from the male organ to cause pregnancy in the woman. Your chances increase for pregnancy anytime you have sexual intercourse, whether or not the man ejaculates.

After a male ejaculates inside of a woman does the woman just leave the semen inside?

yes she do i am only ten and i had sex

Why does semen come out of a guy?

Semen can come out of a guy when they are having sexual intercourse (when the penis is erect). Or when they are sexually aroused.

Can you get pregnant with tampon inside you but no sexual intercourse?

No You cannot get pregnant with a tampon in order to get pregnant you must need semen which comes from the male reproductive organ

When you get pregnency?

When you have sexual intercourse or insert semen by other means, when the woman is ovulating.

When a boy ejaculates inside of you but it come back out do you think it got to the cervix?

There is almost always some "back flow" following sexual intercourse where the boy has ejaculated inside. This is because the semen becomes more liquid in the acidic environment of the vagina and it runs out. The semen has done it's job by delivering the sperm to the cervix, providing them with nutrients and a more pH balanced environment for them to swim in. Once they are past the cervix, they are "swimming" within the fluids present in the uterus, semen does not generally penetrate the cervix very deeply, if at all. Never take the re-appearance of semen following intercourse, as assurance that you will not become pregnant. Answer 1 yes it got in,

Do amertur creampies get girls pregnant?

Of course they can. He ejaculates inside you. A creampie just means he watches the semen come out.

Can a woman in a jacuzzi with a man get pregnant?

Not unless he ejaculates inside of her or insert semen into her vagina some other way.

How do cancer tumors spread?

They have sexual intercourse and use eachothers semen to spread around the body.

If he ejaculates in the condom and he is still in you can the semen seep out and get you pregnant?

It is not very likely that semen will seep out of the condom, but it is a possibility. This is why it is best to remove the penis from the vagina directly after he ejaculates in the condom, and while the penis is still hard. Do not let the penis get limp inside of the vagina with a condom on!!!

If your husband ejaculates his semen inside you what time will be safe time?

There is no safe time 100%, but the safest time is just after your period

When a man ejaculates inside a woman is it normal for semen to leak out?

Yes it is normal. At times some will come out, however the majority will stay in.

What does the sexual term Cream pie mean?

Cream pie refers to semen leaking back out of the vagina or anus into which it was ejaculated.This is the act of which the male as his about to ejaculate removes his penis from the vagina but leaving the tip of the penis still inside the female vagina. As he is ejaculating the semen will drip outside the vagina and will not go all the way inside as its supposed to. The cream refers to the semen while the pie refers to the lips of the vagina.A simpler definition is that it is a Vagina with an ejaculation in it.It's not for a first sexual experience or the faint of heart. Cream Pie Sex is when you have anal sex and ejaculate in the rectum. It is risky to go in there with out a condom sometimes.Ejaculation inside the partner's vagina or anus without the use of a condom.when the male ejaculates inside the vagina or anus, when the semen drips out its a creampieA cream pie is a term for when a man ejaculates inside a woman and the semen runs out of her vagina or anus depending on whether they're having anal or "natural" sex.

What is cumming?

This is when a male has an orgasm and semen ejaculates from his penis.

How can you get pregnant if you are a virgin?

1. Having sexual intercourse 2. Semen inserted by finger 3. In vitro fertilization

If you put a little drop of semen inside you what are the chances of pregnancy?

The chances of Pregnancy are not that high but you still have a good chance of getting pregnant.During intercourse, a male's ejaculation has momentum and a female's vaginal muscles aid the sperm in reaching their destination. In addition a male ejaculates about a tablespoon of sperm, which is a lot more than one drop.These factors are not present if you put a drop of semen 'inside you' However semen is SEMEN, and does contain sperm so you could very well get pregnant, although it is more unlikely than not.

How can you clean yourself after a man ejaculates inside of you?

The semen comes out by itself and you should never clean inside the vagina. It´s selfcleaning and you can disrupt the balanceso it gets easier to get infections.

How much semen does a bull produce?

One bull usually ejaculates around 7 mL of semen.

Why won't your semen stay in my wife?

When you have sexual intercourse, the woman's vagina is stretched out and loosened. Making it much easier for a penis to slide in. If your not wearing protection, and you ejaculate inside of the woman, the sperm is very likely to drip out.