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I am wondering "why" haven't you had a period in 7 months? Are you on depo? If so, you probably won't be getting pregnant. Are you beginning menopause? If not, you need to contact your doctor. I have very irregular periods and have gone months without a period as well. There is some risk to not having your period such as a higher incidence of uterine cancer. There are also conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome that can cause the absense of periods. There are medications (hormones) that doctors use to keep your periods regular (unless you are trying to get pregnant). Finally, YES, it is possible for you to get pregnant if you haven't had a period for several months or even a year or more. Take care.

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Stopped talking nst Birth Control injection two months ago and haven't seen my periods could I be pregnant

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Q: When you haven't had a period in almost 7 months is it still possible to get pregnant?
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