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Q: When you hold a yo-yo in your hand what kind of energy does the yo-yo have?
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If a yoyo is about to leave a boys finger does it have kinetic or potential energy?

The yoyo that is about to leave a boys fingers has potential energy. The energy is potential because it has the promise of leaving the hands but is not yet in motion.

Can you yoyo upwards?

kind of. its called looping

What kind of simple machine is a yoyo?


What will cause a yo-yo with a brain to return to the holders hand?

This is a joke. Think: Why would a yo-yo with a brain return to the holder's hand? Of course, if he decided not to return, how would he do it? Break the string.--A yo-yo with a 'brain', is simply a yoyo with springs on the side disks, which when thrown with enough force, will expand due to the centrigual force exerted in the disks from the quick rotation, and free the yoyo from its stationary hold on the string.When the yoyo's rotation slows down, the centrifugal force decreases, and so the springs return to normal, which will lead to the yoyo catching the string again, to return to the holder's hand.

What does super yoyo mean in the book?

Super yoyo means taking a special kind of yoyo and swinging it properly so it swings back and forth without whacking the person holding it. It is quite hard to do.

Anything about yoyos?

Yoyo is a toy that you tie a knot and fit it in your index finger and hold the yoyo and let it go and see if you can pull it up and catch it without it touching the floor.

What to do when your yoyo break's?

ummm if it breaks u buy a new one. lol usually a yoyo is hard to fix especially if its an alluminum butterfly shaped yoyo like mine. U should really clarify what kind of yoyo you have and stuff. I have a maverick by yomega and a zombi from pocketpros they are the best yoys according to me.

How does the yo-yo work?

It's kind of like a rubber band, except your hand is the rubber and the string is the band. The momentum of the yoyo going down and you snapping your wrist makes it go back up.

What kind of tricks can you do with a boomerang yoyo?

Sleeper, Walk the dog, Loop the loop, ect;

Who is Duncan Yoyo?

Duncan yoyo's are a brand of yoyo toys. A man named Duncan was the founder of a yoyo company that he had purchased and then sold his yoyo toys. They are a famous brand.

How do you say yoyo in spanish?


What is the point in yoyo gloves?

The point of yoyo gloves is to protect your hand from string burns and to create a smoother slide for the string. It also stops the build up of grease and dirt on your hands going onto your string.