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Unforntunately, no. Skin elasticity is a genetic trait. People whose skin that can stretch without tearing (stretch marks) has a higher level of a substance called elastin, which allows the skin to stetch. Without sufficient quantities of this substance the onty way to get rid of the excess skin is with plastic surgery. Exercise will tome the muscle in the area, but you also cannot lose weight in one area alone by exercising that region.

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Will situps flatten your stomach?

Situps will help tone your abdominal muscles which will work to flatten your stomach. You will still need to burn overall body fat to get a nice, flat stomach, but situps, crunches, abdominal curls, etc. are important parts of achieving a flat belly.

Can you just work out to lose your stomach?

Short of liposuction there is no way to target fat reduction, you have to go on a diet and lose weight all over. Doing situps and crunches can help a little by tighten your stomach muscles a bit.

How do you get a really good exercise routine that will help me lose weight with a broken hip?

probably crunches. you dont have to use leg muscles often in crunches

Are situps good way for weight loss?

Anything that gets your heart going can help with weight loss, but only if you're simultaneously monitoring your diet. If you're overeating it really doesn't matter what you do for exercise, you still won't lose any weight. Situps can help tighten your abdominals, which can improve your shape even if it doesn't lose you much weight.

Does it help to lose stomach fat by doing crunches?

No, you will tone that specific area but you can not 'spot' lose weight by simly doing cruches. By doing crunches you may lose weight from any part of your body.

Do floor exercises help strengthen abdominal muscles?

Some floor exercises, if done correctly, do strengthen abdominal muscles. Crunches and situps do this. Some yoga or pilates positions accomplish this as well.

Would muscle building help to get rid of sagging skin that occurs because of weight loss?

Unfourtunatly, this doesnt really help to reduce sagging skin. Many people usually go to get surgery if the sagging skin is very serious. This is something that would have to be evaluated by a doctor or plastic surgeon.

What should I try to lose stomach weight?

It is very difficult to lose weight in a targeted area like the stomach. The most effective way to get an attractive stomach is to focus on overall fat loss while toneing abdonminal muscles. Exercises like situps and crunches can help tone, while vigorous cardio exercise helps with overall fat loss.

What are some excercises that burn stomach fat?

Situps, crunches and abdominal curls help tone stomach muscles and burn stomach fat. Overall fat loss depends on a sensible diet and exercise regime.

If you do 200 crunches and a few squats will you lose weight?

crunches won't really help you lose weight, but they will tone your stomach. if you add cardio (walking, biking, running etc.) to your routine, you'll definitely lose fat and gain muscle.

How do you lose weight by crunches?

So I have always heard to get a flat stomach to do crunches. Is this the case even when you are big, like while trying to lose weight and cardio should i also do crunches and ab workouts? I know I won't see results now, but will it help me more later to go ahead and start doing them?

Do crunches stunt growth?

Crunches do not stunt a persons growth. Crunches can be part of an exercise routine. Crunches help strengthen the stomach muscles.

How many crunchers does it take to get abs?

Crunches will help you to get abs however, you will not be able to see them without losing weight. If you have a layer of fat over your abs, no amount of crunches will give you the abs that you are looking for.

Exercise reduces the fat in breast but will it start sagging?

Not if you lose weight slowly. Your skin has something in it called elasticity to help it stretch and keep it's form if weight is lost.

Can you give me some good examples of exercises to flatten my stomach that do not hurt my back?

Situps, crunches and abdominal curls help tone stomach muscles and flatten stomachs. Overall fat loss depends on a sensible diet and exercise regime.

I am a teenager and I need help getting more fit in my legs and stomach what do i do?

the best thing for legs are lunges, you can do them anywhere. down your hallway, around your living room, whereever you can walk. as far as your stomach, crunches sit ups, and even tea bo cardio will work your stomach. if crunches or situps strain your neck try doing them on a fitness ball.

How much weight will you lose if you only eat fruits and vegetables and do 5000 crunches a day?

You need a balanced diet, or else your digestive system will not like you. Crunches are nice, but you need aerobic exercise to help with cardio-pulmonary endurance and overall better weight loss chances.

What exercises help you to get abs?

situps in a decline position situps towards left and right side leg raises for lower abs

How many crunches should a 12 year old kid do ev ery day to lose weight?

Diet and exercise are both good ways to lose weight, but something like crunches probably aren't the best idea to lose weight without some type of cardio. If you just want to lose weight, I would suggest at least 10 or 15 minutes of cardio exercise a day, whether it be running, doing jumping jacks, whatever.. As long as it gets your heart pumping. In the lines of crunches, if you are specifically trying to target your stomach and midsection, do as many crunches as you can until it starts to burn, and then do about half as many more. If you don't feel the burn, you're not helping yourself any (no pain, no gain - right?). Don't just do straight crunches, either, try situps, and even pushups if possible to work more of your torso. Every person is different, so I can't say whether or not crunches will even help, at 12, your body may not be ready for muscle development, so you won't have a 6 pack, but anything that burns calories will help you lose weight. Just eat healthy, and do a good amount of cardio. Try doing some crunches before AND after as a warm up and a cool down. Oh and don't forget to stretch! It sounds silly, but you will be happy in the morning when you aren't half as sore as you could have been!

How can you lose weight at the very bottom of your stomach if you are 5'10'' and 210 pounds and you are very athletic but you have that one problem area?

If you're trying to tone and firm that area, you need to do cardio workouts as well as workouts specified for that area, such as crunches and sit-ups. The cardio will help you drop the weight from the area and the crunches will help tone and firm that area. Good luck!

What does situps do for you?

they help burn fat in your before sleep

Is a exercise bike good to lose belly fat?

You cannot really 'target' fat as such, so exercise on a bike will be food as you will lose fat if you do the right intensity workout. You can though work the muscles underneath the fat which will improve tone around that area. The bike wont help with that, but crunches and sit ups will. If you combien situps and crunches with time on the bike you'll soon shift the fat.

Did Bill Clinton have plastic surgery?

Of course he did. He has no jowls or sagging neck. No man his age that has a neck that tight without help. Especially after so much weight loss!

Is it good to do crunches daily?

it is always good to get the exercise with crunches but does not help get abs. it will help your stomach get tougher though so the more you work on it the tougher your stomach will get, but you wont have abs!

What are the best work outs for your arm muscles pecs and abs and your only 15?

For the arms there is the curl, the wrist curl which works the forearm. For the pecs, you can do the bench, pec-deck and push ups help. And for the abs leg raises work them and crunches. Also V-situps work really well.

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