When you play Pokemon GO do you need the phone app and the watch both?

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Well, the GO Plus device isn't a watch, but good question. You don't *have* to have the GO Plus device in order to play the game, but it has some nice add-on features.
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Where are the other people that give Pokemon apps to upgrade the Pokemon watch in Pokemon diamond?

When you leave your Pokemon at the day care center if you talk to the man there he will give you a app that shows you what level you Pokemon in day care are at. You can walk around and they will gain levels.(Pokemon grow levels at the center) Here's some additional info regarding the other upgrad ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon do you need to go to mirage island in Pokemon ruby?

you'll need a Pokemon that knows surf and a Pokemon that is mirage island sensitive but you don't know which Pokemon are, it is random. you can find out by going to the man in pacifidlog who is searching for mirage island. if he can see it, you have a Pokemon that is mirage island sensitive

What should you get for Christmas you touch laptop or a phone that could replace the need for both?

Normal phone, normal laptop. Phones cant replace laptops no matter how hard they try. the most phones are good for is casual web browsing. Checking email, rss feeds, web comics MAYBE, quickly accessing data or looking something up. They cannot do anything quick enough to be able to replace a laptop. ( Full Answer )

What is the Pokemon you need to go to mirage island?

You need a full inventory of Pokemon to get to Mirage island. You Pokemon give a random number and if it matches with the old man who watches the island, then you can go to Mirage island. Mirage island will only be available for that day.

What are phone apps?

Phone apps are games, music, or videos that you can get on yourphone. You download them and they go directly to your phone.

When you by an app is it for both iPhone and iPod?

It depends on what app you are buying. If you look on the right hand side it says if its capable with iphone and/or ipod touch(but I think that all ipod touch apps can be played on an iphone but im not 100% sure)

Do you need both expansions to play WoW?

When you purchase the basic game, that allows you to play up until level 70 (Vanilla and Burning Crusade expansion is combined), and access all the 1-60 zones in Azeroth and the Outland. If you want to go higher then you need to purchase the next expansion Wrath of the Lich King, which will take you ( Full Answer )

Which Musical instruments do you need both hands to play?

flute, clarinet, saxophone, barritone saxophone, tennor saxophone, bass clarinet trombone, slide trumpet, percussion, violin, viola, cello, bass, counter bass, guitar, sitar, electric guitar, bass, violin, cello, violabass, etc

How do you get apps for your spy net watch?

you dont get apps. If you mean missions you download spynet field office and click missions. you then choose a mission ,click on it and click yes. when you disconnect your watch it will (at a random time) alert you that you have a mission.

Can you get i - phone apps on an android phone?

This depends on the developer. Sometimes a developer will develop applications exclusively for Android or exclusively for iOS. But you can usually find the same app or a similar app regardless of whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone. As for running an app built for iOS on Android, no. And ( Full Answer )

Is there an app for android where you can watch glee?

Well if you have a samsung galaxy s epic 4g, then you could use the app called sprint tv. It comes with the phone. But if you don't have the samsung epic then idk if the other android phones allow you to watch it. If not, try downloading an app on the google play store (used to be android market) an ( Full Answer )

How do you watch apps you buy from the app store?

First it depends on a apple system or a android system,,but on apple on itunes - apps it has were it says history there are several options it says downloads and there is a history bar it shows you all of the downloads and prices

How do you download Google play apps to mobile phone without internet?

You can either download the apps through a WiFi connection or through a 3G/4G data connection from your mobile carrier. There is no way to connect to the Google Play Store without an active internet connection. Should you be denied access to the Play Store for some reason, you can download the APKs ( Full Answer )

Does the app xfinity go need wifi?

The Xfinity Go TV app requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to watchTV on it. You cannot stream TV shows over a mobile network withthis app.

Can kids play Pokemon GO?

Absolutely they can. If the kids are too little, you might want tohave them use the GO Plus device while an older person handles thesmartphone, but even young kids can participate in finding andcatching Pokemon with family.

How old do you have to be to play Pokemon GO?

You must be 13 years or older to agree to the Terms of Use.Otherwise your parent or guardian will be accepting the legalresponsibility. So with that being said, anyone can play, as longas you have a consenting legal guardian.

Do you need wifi for Pokemon go?

You do not need wifi to play Pokémon GO, though it can helpincrease your device's location accuracy.

Does Pokemon go need wifi?

It does not require wifi to be played, but having it turned on onyour device can help improve location accuracy.

Do you need wifi to play Pokemon GO?

You do not need wifi in order to play, but having it turned on onyour device can help increase location accuracy.

Do you need WiFi for Pokemon GO to work?

No, you do not need WiFi for Pokemon Go to work. But, you do needcellular data to play, and it does use much of your cell data planmonthly.

How do you play Pokemon GO?

You basically throw Pokeballs at Pokemon to collect them, and themore you do that, the more you level up and are able to get betterPokemon and better Pokeballs. You can also evolve your Pokemon the more you catch the same type,and you can battle at local gyms to take them over for your team.There a ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't the tutu app work for Pokemon GO anymore?

TUTU app must release the latest API. The original app will forceupdate every so often but the developers of TUTU must manuallyinput the latest API into their programming. When Tutu is down,updates are taking place. be patient and check in periodically.

What is the cheapest phone you can buy that is good enough to play Pokemon GO?

We looked through several sites for the answer to this, and thebest one that we can find is one that Eurogamer.net tested. It wasa Oukitel K4000, which they got for less than $100 on eBay. PokemonGO seems to play really well on it, and it is very durable with alot of other cool features, like a repl ( Full Answer )