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When you pull back your boyfriends foreskin you can smell fish strongly why is this?


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January 19, 2012 11:51PM

When guys are uncircumcised (the foreskin at the tip of the penis is intact and was not surgically removed at birth), certain hygiene is needed daily. If the skin is not pulled back and washed properly, certain types of bacteria or fungus can grow on the glans (head of the penis.) This in turn will cause different foul odors. Your boyfriend needs to keep his glans cleaner by pulling back the skin when he bathes and washes and dries well. To get rid of his present "foul" condition I would suggest he see his doctor. If he won't, because he is embarrassed or stubborn, pick up a tube of antifungal cream such as Lotromin for jock itch at the drug store and tell him to use it as directed after a few good hot showers. You will be doing him a BIG favor by bringing this to his attention. And don't perform fellatio (oral sex) on him until it's cleared up, as you could end up with a fungus or bacteria in your mouth.