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If you buy the vehicle with a as is sticker there is no return time-- when you cross the curb it is yours And even if you purchased it other than "as is", it would depend on what the problem is for it to be covered under warranty (which your liking it or changing your mind are probably not covered things) - and the seller generally has the right to fix the covered problem, not refund it. Essentially, a purchase agreement is an unchangeable agreement made then to purchase, for better or worse, for both parties. Consider all the reasons it is needed:, you used the car - maybe abused it, he couldn't sell it while you had it (costs to the biz in missed sales), making car sales refundable just because, would eliminate the need for the car rental industry. There is no reason you can't sell the car yourself now though.

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Q: When you purchase a used car how long do you have to return it if you change your mind or can't afford?
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