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There is a rev limiter to prevent the engine from over reving when in park.


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When the yoke is pushed down on the engine thrust is stopped (suddenly)

too much fuel is being pushed into the cylinder from the carb

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Many things, but a clutch bearing seems likely.

A coolant leak while the engine is running is likely in the water return hoses. The vehicle can be standing still and in park, but with the engine running the fluids are still being pushed through the system to keep the engine cool. The water return lines generally run from the top left of the radiator when you are standing at the front of the car looking at the engine. Any leak in that system will likely not continue once the engine is stopped as the fluid no longer is pushed through the system.

I have a 2002 deVille and all I hear is a little road noise (tires). The engine growls only when "pushed". It's a beautiful thing

Engine oil dipstick? Could be the PCV system is inoperative or the engine has excessive blow-by.

because the brakes and the engine are separate systems that don't over ride each other

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The difference is in the amount of stokes the piston makes in one cycle. A four stroke will explode on one stroke turning the engine over. Then on the up stroke it pushes the exhaust out. The next down stroke fills the cylinder with fuel. On the final stroke the piston compresses the fuel and the cycle repeats. This results in four strokes of the piston. A two stroke has two strokes of the piston before it repeats the cycle. The first stroke is the explosion. The piston is pushed down. on the down stroke the piston reveals a port that exhausts, and then another port is revealed that fills the cylinder with fuel. the up stroke compresses the fuel and then the cycle repeats. The logical difference is the 2 stroke will accelerate faster

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there is a sequence of buttons pushed on the radio which access the ODB, sorry can't remember the sequence.

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