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sounds like exhaust restriction ... check the vaccum at the base of throttle body. also consider hosing down the throttle intake with carb cleaner whilst running and of course valve timing is critical. spark timing not so much as the pcm will correct small errors I have a 95 metro with the 1.0 and have the same problem. I am a mechanic and have been fighting this since ove a year ago. I have replaced wires, plugs, used GM service manual and checked all the peramiters on the sensors. Fuel pressure is at spec. New fuel filter also. I can get mine started, it will idle, when i depress the accelerator nothing happens. I have used an ECM from another 95 like mine and still the same problem, also have used a different 95 throttle body and the same results. You didn't mention it, but if it does run, when you depress the accelerator does it slowly pick up RPM that is abnormal? This is a problem I am fighting. I have read other questions and saw that almost the same problem with a timing belt jump, so I guess the next step will see if I am at top dead center...I know I have good compression becasue about 6 months before it went down I completely rebuilt the engine....

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โˆ™ 2008-08-02 15:55:33
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Q: When you push the gas pedal in your 96 geo metro nothing happens but when you let off it dies Whats wrong with it?
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