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Its 12 in Diamond and pearl, 6 in Platinum

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How long does it take for honey to work?

Six hours after you put honey on the tree, a Pokemon will usually appear. Sometimes the Pokemon will eat the honey and leave though, so you will occasionally come back and find no Pokemon there, but your honey gone. Also, if you leave honey on a tree for too long, then the honey will be eaten and the Pokemon will leave before you can battle it, this happens twenty-four hours after you put honey on the tree.

How do you get rare Pokemon on platinum?

One way is smothering a tree in honey. Then come back to it later and if its rustling, check it out. Also you can just walk around in long grass for ages looking for shining pokemon, you will know if they are, they are sometimes different colours and they sparkle when they come on stage.

How long does it take till Pokemon come to the honey?

Few hours and you have to be doinging something or off

Does putting more honey on a honey tree in Pokemon Platinum make a difference?

No it doesn't. Just put the honey once on a tree and wait at least 6 hours. Don't wait too long because after 24 hours the tree is empty again and you have to put new honey on it.

How long till Pokemon Platinum is released?

Pokemon platinum is coming out mach 22 which is 9 days because to day is march 13 I AM STOKED ABOUT POKEMON PLATINUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long does it take for a Pokemon to be at a honey tree in Pokemon Pearl?

Well it depends on what time you put honey on the tree & where it also depends on what kind of pokemon you want find a honey tree and put honey on it then write down the time & what town then come back the next day 2 find the tree shaking...glad 2 answer...veronica

How long does the night last in Pokemon Platinum?

It is the time you have set your DS time to (Eg. If it is 8pm on your DS it is 8pm on Pokemon Platinum) So it is as long as the normal time

How do you get a full Sinnoh Pokedex on pokemon platinum?

first you have to battle with every pokemon like i did! it took me a long time but i did it on platinum i also have all legendary pokemon

How much honey do you put on the honey trees to get burmy in Pokemon diamond?

1 honey by the way if anyone knows how long it take to get a Pokemon at a tree please email me at janineflores@AOL.comthanks

How long does in take for Pokemon in Pokemon platinum to have eggs?

Not long mybe 500-2000 steps. Depends on the egg.

Pokemon platinum how to get the level 100 Magikarp?

fish for a long time with a super rod in resort area and it will come out. p.s to the swimmer it is a monster!

Where do you find Pokemon on platinum?

in long grass or the sea or caves

Can you more than one Pokemon in a Pokemon event in Pokemon Platinum?

as long as the event is still going on, there is a way. it involves getting the same "event gift" in Pokemon diamond/pearl and trading to Pokemon platinum.

Can you get a Pikachu by slathering honey on a tree in Pokemon diamond?

No. I have not ever seen a Pikachu come up to a honey-slathered tree in that game, and I had the game for a long time. Nor have I heard anything of that sort online. Sorry

How long does the Pokemon Platinum game last?

long enough to keep you busy for a very long time

Pokemon platinum all Pokemon in PC AR code?

I dont have it but it would be a heck of a long code

All the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Look it up online or something the list is too long to type out.

Cathing celebi in Pokemon platinum without cheats?

you have to go to a special event, but this event will probably take a long time to come why talk to the hackers of DP

In Pokemon Platinum how long does it take to level up a Pokemon in the Day-Care Center?

it depends on how long you keep them there .. hope i helped ! (:

How long does it take for a Pokemon to appear at the honey tree in Pokemon Platinum?

I checked the guide, it said about 14 hours or so.Usually, you should wait 6-8 hours. Try not to leave it longer than 16 hours. Between 6 and 16 hours after the slathering of the tree is the prime time for rare Pokemon. Do not wait longer than one day, though, as the honey would be worn off by then.

Do you have to have the national dex to use Pokemon platinum Pokemon modifier?

no u do not as long as u know the national number of the Pokemon u want.

How do you get my Pokemon on really high levels in Pokemon platinum?

Just dowload the hack from the computer and play.Hold R long when you beat some pokemon.

How long do you wait for a honey tree to get Pokemon 046 in Pokemon Diamond?

You wait about it is a little over 12 hours. The more it is shaking the rarer the Pokemon is.

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