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Yes you need to get a new transmission, because somehow you burnt out your reverse so it wont move in reverse. So you will probably have to get a new one. A cheap one is roughly $2000 give or take $100.

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Q: When you put your car in reverse it will not go in reverse but in drive it is okay Is that a serious and costly job Is that a sign of the transmission needing to be rebuilt?
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How do you fix an automatic transmission that wont shift to reverse?

Diagnose first. If 1996 to present, an OBDII scan might help point you in right direction, if the ECU has detected a fault, for example a shift solenoid.. Could be anything as easy as adjusting linkage, to a solenoid, to as serious a needing a complete re-build

What if your transmission dont seem to want to work in reverse have to get on gas hardWhat is the problem?

Sounds like a low fluid situation, but could be more serious.

When you put your car in reverse it does not change into gear for 10 seconds When you drive in gear it is fine?

You need to seek help immediately from a transmission professional. If you continue to drive the car with this problem you may do serious damage to the transmission.

Your car turns on but will not drive or reverse it is a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am is it the transmission?

most likely its the tranny. could use a fluid and filter change or could be more serious.

What if your 1998 ford contour is stuck in reverse and the engine will not turnover is the car being stuck in reverse making the car not start?

YESAn automatic transmission car has a safety feature called a "Neutral Safety"It will not allow the starter to work if the shifter is not in either neutral or park. Many new cars will only start in park.On a manual transmission car the transmission being stuck in reverse probably means a serious failure inside the transmission that could jam things up to the point the engine wont start.

1994 s500 Mercedes gear module reverse problems Only when the car is warm if you use reverse it's very slow to catch in gear and when it does the car mkoves very slow. no matter how much you pressgas?

You have a serious transmission problem. Have it checked ASAP...

What do you think is wrong with a 97 cavalier that will not shift out of reverse?

yes. It could be as simple as low transmission fluid or as serious a a pump failure. If you can find a place you trust, you should have it checked soon. vbd

If you were going about 25 in reverse and slammed it into 1st gear on a automatic and now only second third drive and reverse work do you need a new transmission or just more fluid?

if you were going 25 in reverse and slammed it into first like that, you more than likely broke the gear... it would probably be in your best interest to get a new transmission now since you've done some serious damage to your existing one, to which no amount of fluid is likely to fix

Can you use transmission fluid to unfreeze a car motor that seized up due to loss of motor oil?

No, not really. Transmission fluid is basically just oil. An engine that has seized up that way has suffered serious damage to the pistons and cylinder walls, they've basically become welded together. The engine would have to be rebuilt whether you to it loose or not.

What would happen if you have extra transmission oil?

There is no such thing as "transmission oil" there is only transmission fluid, but but over filling the reservoir could cause serious damage to your transmission..

How serious is a transmission leak near your radiator?

Just a drip.

What could be the problem if your 97 Chevy Tahoe will not go in reverse but drives well going forward?

Another problem might be the sun gear drive shell in your auto transmission. GM 4L60 transmissions are notorious for this problem causing a no reverse symptom. this means that you will need some serious work done on your vehicle

1994 Ford Taurus when you put it into gear it kicks in but slowly moves into drive and rarely works in reverse is it the transmission or possibly a sensor or could it be the gears?

You have a 12 year old transmission that is in serious need of service. Have the fluid and filter changed and see where you stand after that. If the problems still persists, take it to a professional.

Can you drive car with check transmission light on?

Sure you can drive it, and you can also do serious damage to the transmission by doing so. Do exactly what the light says. Have the transmission checked by a professional.

What should you check if your automatic transmission on your Chrysler lebaron wont do anything in forward gears but goes fine in reverse?

I mean this seriously: Where you can get a good used replacement. There is nothing external that can be the cause, it has had a serious internal failure and either needs overhaul or replacement

What is the problem when a car goes into reverse and won't go into drive?

If you can't physically shift the vehicle into drive, then the linkage going to the transmission may be binding up. If you can shift the gear selector into drive, but the vehicle won't move forward, then you may be very low on fluid. Many times when a transmission gets very low, it will only move in reverse and not forward in any gear. Check the fluid level and top it off if it is low. If the transmission is already full, then you may have more serious damage that may require a trans shop.

Where does the transmission fluid go in a 99 Buick lesabre?

The same place the transmission fluid dipstick is. Be sure that you actually need to add fluid or you can cause serious damage to your transmission.

Has power in park an has no power in drive?

Transmission perhaps? __________ Sounds like the transmission needs work. It is a serious problem. Consult a local mechanic.

What if you accidentally pour a quart of oil into the automatic transmission fluid?

Don't drive it, but have it towed to a reputable garage that can flush the transmission. Driving it with the oil may cause serious damage to the transmission.

If your Acura Integra automatic transmission shifts rough what can it be?

It may just need a fluid/filter change and then again it may be a more serious problem. My advice is to take it to a Acura/Honda dealer or trusted transmission shop for service immediately. Continuing to drive in this condition may do serious damage to the transmission.

Dodge charger will not go in reverse but in drive it is okay is that a serious problem?

How will you back out of your driveway or parking stall?

Why does 1994 ford explorer drive in reverse but none of the forward gears?

The simplest answer is that the transmission is damaged beyond normal operation and needs to be serviced. This normally isn't something that a household mechanic can fix. It requires removing the engine the transmission from the frame. The usual culprits are jammed or cracked forward engagement pistons, but the problem can be even more serious and more deeply rooted. It is recommended that if you vehicle shows these signs (Drives only in reverse) then you should take it to an ASE Endorsed Mechanic or shop.

How do i fix a p1811 code on Oldsmobile?

P1811 is transmission component slipping. Seek professional help immediately or you will do serious damage to the transmission if you continue to drive it.

What causes transmission fluid to bubble?

IF you have over filled the transmission this will cause it to bubble, this could cause serious damage, drain and refill with the proper ammount.

Why does your transmission fluid look black?

You are in need of a serious transmission service. Your fluid should look bright red new, and dark red when it needs to be replaced, but black indicates it is overdue for a transmission service.