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Yes you can, it will void your warranty on the pool wall, but it can be done. Make a template from the existing skimmer hole so you can cut in the new hole. After the liner is removed simply duct tape a piece of galvanized sheet metal, paint the cut edges as to prevent rust, ofer the holes for the skimmer and return. Make sure the sheet metal is at least 6"-10" past the existing holes. The Duct Tape only holds the metal in place and protects the liner from sharp edges.

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Q: When you replace the liner on your above ground pool can you cover up the holes for the return and skimmer and put the holes somewhere else on the pool wall?
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In ground pool when filled up and pump running water is leaking somewhere but will stop after it is under the skimmer could someone please tell what might be wrong?

Best guess is that there is a leak in the return pipe from the skimmer to the pump. Sorry to say its probly not a cheap fix. There also could be a leak at the gasket around the skimmer opening.

After vacuuming your above-ground pool why does the drain water gush explosively from the pool skimmer causing bubbles in the return line after turning the pump off?

Air is getting in to the system somewhere. Check to see if your vacuum hose hase a hole in it. Check the pump strainer lid o-ring, is it lubed propely, cracked or dry rotted?

Does skimmer location matter on an in-ground pool?

Yes it can make a big difference to the amount of floating debris and dust that sinks into your pool. The ideal place for the static skimmer in a pool is down stream from the return jets (These are the jets that return filtered water to the pool) and down wind from the prevailing winds, this can be a bit more difficult to work out as the wind direction over a pool is strongly influenced by the building surrounding it. The fact is that very few pool builders get it right. if the skimmer ends up in the wrong position there is always the option of using a floating swimming pool skimmer skimmer. this type of skimmer is set to the suction of the pools filtration system and connected via hose to the vac plate over the leaf basket, It can be fastened in place or left to float free in the pool and will keep working regardless of water level, Check out the link below on floating skimmers

What angle should a swimming pool return nozzle be set?

pointed away from your skimmer on a slight downward angel

Can you get in the pool with the filter running?

yes you can, just make sure that no one blocks the skimmer or the water return hole.

Can a pool's circulation be adequate with only one return jet?

Like most things in life, "it depends"! Yes, one return jet can be sufficient for an above ground pool or a smaller in-ground pool, maybe up to 15,000 gallons or so. But most large in-ground pools have multiple return lines to reduce the size of the returns and improve the circulation. If your pool has moveable return fittings that let you direct the return stream, it is most common to point them down towards the bottom to improve bottom to top circulation (since the skimmer takes water from the top, its best if you return water towards the bottom).

How do you install a skimmer in an above ground pool?

Go and get a floating pool skimmer there is practically no work involved in doing it this way Have a look at the link below IMPROVED ANSWER: The floating skimmer above still requires a regular skimmer. I found this from "The safest way to cut the holes needed for the skimmer box and return line is to build the pool entirely and start filling it. Allow the pool to fill about half way up in order to set the liner in place(the weight of the water pushes the liner to the wall and in its permanant placement). At this point your pool is completely finished except for cutting the holes for and installing the skimmer and return. Put on some shorts and get in the pool. Meet your helper(did I mention you need a helper) at the precut metal wall openings. Your helper is outside the pool facing the openings. First take the return fitting apart. There are just two peices to the return. Press the return (with the threads facing out) firmly against the precut wall hole from the inside. Doing this will push the uncut liner slightly though the hole making it easier for your helper to cut the outline. Continue to apply pressure with the return as the helper cuts the circle. When he is finished cutting, push the return completely through so your helper can screw the plastic nut onto the threading. Tighten firmly and its done. Now for the skimmer. The skimmer also comes in two peices- a face plate and the box. The face-plate afixes to the wall on the inside while the box hangs on the outside of the pool. The skimmer connects thru the wall using several screws and your pool's wall is precut for them. Line up the skimmer plate against the precut wall opening on the inside of the pool just like you did with the return. Now, take one of the screws and poke it through the plate, liner, and wall hole. Have your helper line up the skimmer box on the outside of the pool and fasten the screw you poked through to the skimmer box. Repeat this until all of the screws are in place and tighten. Your skimmer is now in place and the only thing left to do is cut the liner around the inside of the skimmer plate to make an opening. This process is harder to explain than it is to actually do. Just remember- when in doubt- cut small."

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