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You would expect it 0.3 of the times.

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When you roll a 6 sided die about what fraction of the time would you expect a multiple of 2 to come up?

2, 4, and 6 are multiples of 2. This is 1/2 of the face, so the probability is 1/2

What fraction of 1 is 40?

It is not a fraction, it is a multiple.

When you rolla 6 sided die about what fraction of the time would you expect a factor of 20 to come up?

The factors of 20 are 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, and 20. We can take 10 and 20 off the list, because they're not on the six-sided dice. So, 4 out of 6 sides of the dice will give us a factor of 20. That means we can expect (if the dice is fair) to get a factor of 20 about 4/6 of the time. 4/6 simplified is 2/3.

If you threw a 6-sided die 48 times how many times would you expect it to land on a number greater than or equal to 4?

I would expect it to land on a number of 4 or higher 50% of the time or roughly 24 times.

What is the fraction of 6.9?

There is no multiple of 9 giving the 0 at the end except 10. The fraction form of 69 would only be possible to express as 69/100.

Under what circumstances would the GCF be equal to the numerator of a fraction before simplifying?

if and only if the denominator is the multiple of the numerator... in that case, you would have the fraction is the form: x / kx you can see that when you simplify, you get 1 / k...

What is the name of the A sided polygon?

That would depend on what A sided polygon it is.

How do you solve if you throw a 6 sided die 84 times how many time would you expect 4 to come up?

If it is a fair die, the probability of throwing a 4 in a single go is 1/6. That is, you expect to get a 4 in 1/6 of the throws. So for 84 throws you would expect to get a 4 in 84*(1/6) = 14 times.

What is the name of an 800 sided polygon?

I would just call it an "800-sided polygon."

How do you add a mixed number and an improper fraction?

I wouldconvert both to improper fraction,find a common multiple (CM),calculate equivalent fraction with CM as the denominator,add the numerators,change the improper fraction to a mixed fraction, if required,simplify the fractional part of the mixed fraction - if appropriate and required.

When would you use the least common multiple in fractions?

You would use lowest common multiple in fractions if you have to use pictures, numbers and words. (Sometimes, depending on the teacher, you might get higher marks if you put the fraction into its smallest form!)

What metric units are used when measuring for length?

You would use the meter, or some decimal fraction or decimal multiple that was appropriate to the measurement.

What is 11 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

It would be 11/100ths because 11 is prime and 100 isn't a multiple of 11.

How do you put probability into a fraction?

All you need to do is put the number of tallies you have, over the amount you did it example- 1- llll/ 2-llll Taylor threw a 2 sided dice nine times to see what the probability was. For 1, he got 5, so the fraction would be 5/9 For 2 he got 4, so the fraction would be 4/9

What is minimum number of special revenue funds you would expect a local government to have?

The local governments usually have multiple Special Revenue Fund.

What is a seventeen sided shape?

A seventeen-sided polygon would be called a heptadecagon.

Would a 6 sided figure be a quadrilateral?

No. A quadrilateral is a four sided figure

If a 6 sided dice is rolled 12 times how many times would you expect to roll a prime number?

36 times. But also, you might get the opposite result 36 times.

Where would you expect to find the fewest invertebrates?

you would expect to find the most in animals you would expect to find the least in plants

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