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you say how are you and do you want to go out for dinner you say how are you and do you want to go out for dinner

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Q: When you say hi and ask what they are doing what do you say next?
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How do you say 'Hi How are you doing' in Finnish?

'Hi, how are you doing?' is 'Hei, mitä kuuluu?' in Finnish.

How do you ask a student next to me his name?

Say " Hi, I'm Susie. What's your name? " and stick your hand out for a handshke.

What do you do when the guy you were in love with comes up and hug you?

Say Hi and don't hug him back. Ask him how he is doing and let him know how you are doing and if you have a current flame.

How do you say Hi how are you doing in scottish?

hi how're yeh daein'?

How do you say hi to the people doing this?


What to say to the girl you like?

you ask her to a smoothie and you kinda bond together, and when the moment comes and you have proof that she feels the same way as you you make your move and ask her to lets say something more romantic, maybe a pinic near a sunset, and you ask her to be your girl if your sure she likes you the same the girls menYOU SAY HI AND THEN WALK AWAY, THE NEXT DAY YOU SAY HI AND ASK HER HOW SHE IS THEN THE NEXT DAY YOU DONT SAY ANYTHING AND SHE WILL TALK TO YOU, IM A GIRL - BE ROMANTIC!

What is the reply of hi?

Say "Hello" and ask how are you ?

How do you say Hi how you doing?

Just smile and say it like you mean it

How do you re act when recently broken up with your ex boyfriend you have a 4 year daughter with him what do you do or say when you see him?

all you do is say hi or wat's up and ask how your daughter is doing

How do you start a conversation with a girl on the phone?

Well, obviously say hi:) just ask her how she is doing and stuff like that!

How do you say 'Hi how are you doing' in French?

Salut! ça va?

How do you say hi how are you doing in spanish?

hola, como estas?

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