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call 911!!
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When should you go to the emergency room for a headache?

Always go the emergency room if it is the worst headache of your life. . If it is severe and debilitating, especially if accompanied by a fever and nausea. . If you have a migraine that lasts longer than 72 hours.

To be fully prepared for emergency situations you should?

In emergency situations to be fully prepared have supplies at handsuch as water, canned goods, flashlight and battery powered radio.Other helpful supplies to have on stock are first aid kit, extrabatteries, can opener, important documents, extra set keys andcash, any prescriptions and blankets.

What kind of food should there be in an emergency kit?

The kind of food you should bring is canned vegetables and fruits, so mostly canned food.. Another take: . The above is great for a kit you don't have to carry it. The canned foods contain water, thus killing two bird with one stone. But they're heavy.. So -- if you need to be mobile..:. You w ( Full Answer )

What kind of of emergency kit should you have?

You should have an emergency kit in your home, car, office and boat. Here are recommended items to include in your emergency kit: . Survival food, at least a three-day to two week supply of non-perishable survival foods for each family member . Emergency Water Supply , one gallon of water ( Full Answer )

When should you use emergency heat?

During an emergency. i.e. when the heat pump is not working. If your heat pump can not keep your house warm, then the auxiliary heating coils (same thing as emergency heat) will come on automatically. If not, then there is a problem with your heating system.

What should you do if you are being overtaken by an emergency vehicle flashing its emergency lights?

Pull over if you can do it safely to let them by. The reason they only flash the lights without sirens is because they do not want to upset the people they are going to take care of. Some people with heart conditions could die if they get excited. Some other emergencies require the people invol ( Full Answer )

To be fully prepared for emergency situations you should what?

Carry a backpack when you think something bad will happen. if you think your in a safe place then don't carry a backpack. if you don't feel safe then in the backpack put things you think you will need in a situation.

What should an emergency kit include?

Apex.. Breathing mask,Water and food. Emergency kits differ depending on the region where you live andthe most prominent risks. For example, emergency kits may includemore specific items in a hurricane-prone area, versus a flood-pronearea, for a zombie apocalypse as opposed to an earthquake, fo ( Full Answer )

In case of an emergency what should be your priority?

Your personal safety is ALWAYS your first priority. If the scene becomes unsafe, GET AWAY! If not, now there are two victims and if you were the only rescuer, who is going to help you and the original victim. Next priority is the safety of bystanders. Then, you always check the following in this ord ( Full Answer )

With burn emergencies the victim should be treated for?

Firstly treat the burn by applying cold water for at least 10 minutes then covering with a non-fluffy dressing or even use cling film. Then treat for shock by lying the casualty down and raising the legs. This improves blood flow around the vital organs.

What Greek goddess is said to have emerged from the see?

Aprodite! She was said to rise from the sea, dressed in a pretty white gown with pearls on the chest and on the skirt, hair sparkiling with a pearl tiara. The godz, those BOYS, started salivating when they saw this godess!

When should you move a victim in an emergency?

YOu should move a victim if the current environment is dangerous to the victim or to responders. . You may move victims who can tolerate the move to staging or triage areas. . You must move a victim as part of the evac process if further treatment is required.

If you have to swim during an emergency why should you take a flotation aid with you?

The principles of water rescue in order of prefernce according to major lifeguard training bodies is: Shout Reach Throw Wade Row Swim with an aid Swim and tow. This order ensures that the lifeguard considers each option in turn in increasing risk to himself so as to minimise risk to his own life ( Full Answer )

Should speeding be allowed in emergencies?

Surprisingly no. Of course it depends on the emergency really. I am on a rural fire department and the farthest end of our area is 12 miles from the station. Dark twisty country roads become a hazard to even the responding firefighters and emergency medical techs. If you can't arrive to the emergenc ( Full Answer )

When you see an emergency vehicle responding to an emergency you are required to?

Make sure they can pass by your vehicle. Follow instruction if there is any. If you're in the way : GET OUT OF THE WAY. If you're waiting at a red light, carefully and slowly engage yourself so that the emergency vehicle can pass. Other road users will be warned by the siren. In most countr ( Full Answer )

What should you do in a emergency?

PROTECT - You and the others. ALERT - The appropriate emergency service. RESCUE - Without taking any risk.

How should patients be prepared for an emergency tracheotomy?

In the emergency tracheotomy, there is no time to explain the procedure or the need for it to the patient. The patient is placed on his or her back with face upward (supine), with a rolled-up towel between the shoulders. This positioning.

Should cell be aloud out at school for emergency?

Well the proper response is that actually that is not a fact question, it is a question to be more likely answered by opinion. but yes my opinion would be to let phones in school. But the kids in my school already bring phones to school so, to my school it does not matter

Should you say emerge from or emerge of?

You would used "EMERGE FROM". Here is the reason why. Look at these words and see which are right or wrong. I rose of the chair. I rose from the chair. Right Kayla had arrived of work. Kayla had arrived from work. Right The tulips emerged from the wet ground. Right The tulips emerged ( Full Answer )

When you see an emergency what should you do?

Take a deep breath -or three- and survey the scene... swivel your head 360 degrees to take in all angles leading toward the area of concern... FIRST Ensure that YOU are safe. Second Ensure that others are not endangered. Ask the victim if they want help. They might refuse. Lightly s ( Full Answer )

What items should be in an emergency food kit?

Items that should be in an emergency food kit is canned foods that keep really well over time. Also, maybe a lighter and a pot so you can heat it up somewhere.

What should you put in your emergency food kit?

Emergency food kits will typically contain a gallon of water per person for at least 3 days. Dehydrated, non-perishable food items for at least 3 days also, a can opener and moist towelletes for personal hygiene

What should you have in your home emergency survival kit?

You should have the basic necessities for living in your home emergency survival kit. Such basics are food, matches, water, flashlight, batteries, and some heavy clothing of you live in a cold place.

Should an emergency plumber lift floorboards?

Well of course, if it's necessary to get to the defective plumbing in question. What would the alternative be? Just leave the pipe leaking? and or decline to repair your plumbing leak? They sometimes have to tear open walls as well if it's the only way to get to the pipes.

How should you start safe in an emergency situation?

A. Recognize the importance of planning your emergency response before there is an actual emergency.. B. Understand the types of emergencies that could occur.. C. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings and thinking about what you would do in an emergency.. D. Know your employer's Emergency A ( Full Answer )

Why should kids have cell phones for emergency?

You've answered your own question, but it would be naive to imagine a child is going to confine his/her use to emergencies unless it's possible to have the 'phone call-barred to all but emergency or home/school numbers.

What should be included in an emergency survival kit?

In an emergency survival kit should be included food and water, shelter or warmth, bandages, adhesive bandages, medical tweezers, manual, signal mirror or other signals stuff like a signal pistol and multi-purpose tools like a leatherman.

How should one handle a dental emergency?

Most dental emergencies are loosened or broken teeth. If a part of the tooth breaks off, retrieve it. rinse the piece off and wrap in damp cloth. Control bleeding, and rinse the mouth with salt water to reduce the chances of infection. See a dentist within hours if at all possible.

What should be included in an emergency preparedness kit?

What should be included in an emergency preparedness kit is water, food, a flashlight, extra batteries, medications, extra cash, maps, emergency blanket, first aid kit, and cell phone with chargers.

What should you do when a medical emergency occurs?

When there is a medical emergency one should call for an ambulance. Make the patient comfortable, place in the recovery position if unconscious, then follow any instructions given by the emergency service.

What should you do when there is a tornado emergency?

If there is a tornado emergency, you need to seek shelterimmediately. Always seek shelter in a basement or other place lowto the ground. Try to stay somewhere where there are no windows.