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try and find any fuseable links in you wiring harness some times when you ground out a wire it sends out a power surge that will make a fuseable link to draw power even when your car is off. you could even take the battery cables off you battery when the car is running if it dies the charging problem is with your altanator or relays. just a guess hope it helps RK

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โˆ™ 2007-08-21 01:38:59
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Q: When you shorted out the radio and removed it from the car now there is something that keeps killing your battery please don't say a short you know that much?
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What can a shorted battery do in a car?

Why would there be 9.8 volts on ground cable when tested from ground cable to battery ground?

Something is shorted to ground.

Can Battery shorted by pouring distilled water on it?


Will your car crank if the battery is bad?

depends on a lot of your battery shorted out or is it just dead?

Why won't my car battery take a charge?

Cause it is shorted out ,replace it.

Why does your car battery steam?

Overcharge, often due to a shorted cell.

What will happen if battery is shorted and grounded?

If a battery is "shorted", meaning that its terminals are connected together through a low resistance, high current flows in the connection and the battery becomes discharged very soon. It makes no difference whether any part of the battery is connected to ground.

Why wont your 1996 1.6 ford escort start after disconnecting the battery?

either something shorted in the computer when re-connecting, or your grammar implies that you are trying to start it with no battery...which obviously would mean you should first re-connect the battery

Why the battery gets shorted by pouring distilled water on it?

it gets shorted because distilled water contains some of the chemicals which allow conduction

What would happen to a dry cell or battery if the positive and negative terminal were shorted?

It could blow up the battery.

What is the value of resistance when the battery is shorted?

When a battery is short-circuited the resistance turns out to be zero and a large current flows.

How do you short out a laptop battery?

Give it a bath. It'll be shorted out, and it will be squeaky clean.

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