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Nothing. The pill prevents the egg from being released.

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The girl's body will remove the egg in her period.

Well, your period happens because: 1) An egg matures and then is released (ovulation) 2) The lining of the womb builds up to give a lining for the egg If the egg if FERTILISED, it implants itself in the thick lining of the womb if the egg is unfertilised, the lining of the womb and the egg break down and you body needs to get rid of them so that's why your period happens

The pill causes a release of 2 hormones into your body, tricking your body into not releasing an egg each month. It sort of tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant and therefore the lining of the uterus remains, and no egg is released. In the pack of 28 pills there are 7 sugar pills. When you start taking the sugar pill, the hormones stop and your body returns back to normal and then sheds the lining. Then after 7 days you start taking the pills with hormones again. You can skip the sugar pills, but it is not recommended you do this for a long period of time.

Do you mean the white stuff? This is from the egg and it happens at ovulation, when the egg is released

Nothing. It Comes out with the next period.

That is why you get your period. Since there is no baby in the uterus, the lining is shed and the egg comes out.

It is released from the ovaries and it goes through the fallipion tube into the vagina. If that egg is not nurtured by sperm then you will have your period.

The other egg just gets reabsorbed into your body and you will not have a period. ~pawsalmighty

YES. soon after u r period it is safe period till 10 day till relese of egg so poping up pill can be stopped

It's unlikely that pregnancy will occur during the menstrual cycle as there is not a egg in the correct position in which to be fertilized. However there is a 1% risk that pregnancy can occur so if it's possible, get the morning after pill.

The amount of menstrual blood has nothing to do with the release of your egg, at least not in the way you are thinking it does. Ovulation (the release of the egg) occurs well before your period flow. Think of it this way- when you are on the pill, you have a normal period..that is, you bleed like you would without the pill. The biggest difference is that the pill prevents your egg from being released. So, you do not release eggs but still bleed. If you are really concerned about yours (or girlfriend's, etc) fertility, I think the best thing to do is research the mentrual cycle and learn more about exactly when things are happening. You can still get pregnant during your period and anytime before or after, but there are days where pregnancy is more likely during the month. Hope this helps?:)

Your period is actually one of the safest times to have contact if you're not on the pill, as well as the week after. Generally your period works on a four week schedule (though it differs per woman) and you ovulate (release an egg) on week 2. Week four is usually your period. This is when the lining that has built up in your uterus to act as a cushion if your egg is fertilized, begins to release. If the lining is "releasing" the egg has nowhere to find cushion even if it does get fertilized. Also, generally after you stop taking the pill, it is natural that your schedule will be messed up, and your period can come late. The pill regulates your hormones into a four week cycle, whereas with your body's natural hormone production, your cycle might be longer. However, it is never a bad bet to see your doctor for a test if you are really worried. They are experts at this, remember!

the uterus lining thickens ready for the egg to be fertilised . if the egg is not fertilised then it will pass through the vagina as blood (period).

Most people notice some bleeding after their first cycle of pills. But it's not really a period. A period is when your body releases an egg, the egg is unfertilized, and the body sheds the lining of the uterus that wasn't needed to maintain a pregnancy. What you'll see with the pill is "withdrawal bleeding." Your body will shed the lining each month when you stop taking the active ingredients in the pill during the period week. If you were to stop taking the pill, your periods may stop again. It can take 1 to 18 months, but an average of 9, for normal cycles to return after stopping Depo Provera. The pill will not "jump start" your regular periods.

A mature egg is released during ovulation. Ovulation typically happens two weeks before the menstrual period.

Your period comes two weeks after you release an egg. If you happen to release an egg early, your next period will be early. It sometimes happens. That means you don't really know when your "safe, won't have a baby" time is.

No. Your period happens when the body is ready to expel the egg, and nothing can speed it up or bring it on

The reason your period happens every month is because, an egg drops down to your uterus every month, and if you dont use this egg it will come down to your vagina and somehow its your period....

I came off the pill in November after taking it for 11 years. I didn't have a period until February and then they were very irregular. I kept thinking I was pregnant but all tests came back negative. You can't have a period if you are not ovulating and it can take a few months for you body to revert back to its natural rythmn after being on the pill because the pill is designed to stop you from releasing an egg (ovulating)

If the egg is not fertilized it disintegrates (breaks down) and menstruation (your period) begins 11-16 days later. The mature egg is fertilized when it is joined with a sperm cell.

If the egg has not been fertilised by day 2 of the menstrual cycle then the uterus lining (blood) will break down and the ovary (egg) will be released out of the vagina with it, this is called a period