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Sorting hydrocodone or any drug destorys your liver as well as other organs

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โˆ™ 2008-10-17 23:55:32
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Q: When you snort hydrocodone will it hurt the liver?
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Do you feel the effect of snort hydrocodone?

yes you can feel the effect of snort hydrocodone

How bad is it to snort hydrocodone?

DANGER: DO NOT SNORT HYDROCODONE in the form of VICODIN or LORTAB or any other acetaminophen binded hydrocodone. This is because 99% of it is acetaminophen which is tylenol. It will cause permanent liver damage. Snort Hydrocodone binded with ibuprofen such as Vicoprofen or anithistamine such as Chemdal HD. Actually Oxycodone will give you a much better and faster high. Although same applies. (Combunox/Percodan/Endodan/Roxiprin over acetaminophen binded Percocet, Endocet, Tylox, Roxicet)

Can you snort hydrocodone 7.5mg750mg?

Yeah I do it all the time. Be warned, there is a lot to snort and a lot of apap. Maybe chew half snort the other.

Can you snort hydros?

There are a lot of ways to abuse drugs, and snorting Hydrocodone is one of them.

Can you snort Watson 853?

You can snort most any pill but the effects varry. For example a Vicodin 853 has 325mg of tylonol and 10mg of hydrocodone. Keep in mind Tylonol overdose is the number one cause of liver failure in the USA, and it's the tylonol that is the most dangerous.

Can snorting the pink Hydrocodone 3600V pill get you high?

Don't ever snort hydrocodone. All it will do is cause an apocalypse of itching and burning

How can you turn hydrocodone into hydromorphone?

Yes, some hydrocodone is turned into a small amount of hydromorphone by the liver. Just like codiene is turned into morphine by the liver enzymes.

How does hydrocodone affect the body systems?

Lortab has hydrocodone and acetomenophen and is usually where everybody gets hydrocodone from. Large doses of acetomenophen can destroy your liver.

Can you sniff hydrocodone?

Yes, Hydrocodone can be snorted but remember that it contains Acetominophen which can damage your liver. See

What would happen if you snort codeine?

You would get a sore nose. Codeine is metabolised in the liver. Ingesting it orally is the right way to get it there. Snorting it will just make your nasal passages hurt.

Can you take nucynta and hydrocodone together?

i do will it hurt me

I have snorted Oxycontin before but i was given a hydrocodone bitartrate ibuprofen im afraid because there is so much ibuprofen in it can i snort it?

Do not snort hydrocodone or ibuprofren because it will not do anything for you. you only can snort Oxycontin. If you try and snort the vicodin you are basically snorting Tylenol also and that is not good. hope this helps Ignore the person above, snorting hydrocodone will have an effect on you depending on your tolerance from the oxycontin. however, the ibuprofen will burn your throat and nose slightly. it irritates the membrane but will still have the effect. dissolving into water would lessen the pain but also the effects.

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