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When you start your Fiat Punto it sometimes hesitates when firing up why?


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Could be that your battery is tired and wants changing ?

Expensive item @ $65.00 though. My car does the same thing when it is low on fuel. Punto gauges are poor quality.


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It is second guessing your ability to drive. ^funny. It means it's time to get a professional to look at it.If it only does it sometimes then telling the technician when that is most likely to occur can help a great deal.

Because it has a flat battery you donut

If your car is cranking over and the starter is good, check your sparkplugs to make sure their firing. Good luck with the project.

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The firing order should be on the intake manifold and you start counting on the cap where it is marked something like one? or a tick mark

Usually one is on the front if you mean firing order. You can search most engines and it will show you front and how cylinders are numbered. (number one is sometimes on right and sometimes on left bank-depends on car)

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if a cylinder is not firing there will be no spark at the spark plug. Carefully twist as you pull the ignition wire out and start the engine. when the wire gets close to the spark plug you should see an arc. This means the cylinder is firing

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Assuming the bulbs are good, the turn signal problem could be a blown fuse or a bad flasher relay. The hesitation when starting could be incorrect fuel pressure due to a failing fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator.

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