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Could be that your battery is tired and wants changing ?

Expensive item @ $65.00 though. My car does the same thing when it is low on fuel. Punto gauges are poor quality.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:56:03
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Q: When you start your Fiat Punto it sometimes hesitates when firing up why?
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What would cause a Punto not to start?

Injector relay failed

Saturn sl1 does not turn over on start hesitates about 5 seconds?

have your fuel injectors cleaned

When you turn the ignition key the car hesitates to start and makes a clicking noise?

Check your battery.

Why does your fiat punto start but it wont rev?

Because it has a flat battery you donut

96 impala does not start all the time sometimes it starts when you turn the key sometimes it does not?

If your car is cranking over and the starter is good, check your sparkplugs to make sure their firing. Good luck with the project.

2002 trailblazer sometimes it will start and then it will not start?

2007 trailblazer does not start, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.

What does it mean when your car hesitates to start?

It is second guessing your ability to drive. ^funny. It means it's time to get a professional to look at it.If it only does it sometimes then telling the technician when that is most likely to occur can help a great deal.

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94 ford wind star mini van will not start not getting gas not firing

If firing is not right will car start?

That depends on how bad it is. It's possible that you may get a couple cylinders firing or if the firing order is COMPLETELY messed up, NOTHING will fire.

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in the front

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My stratus is not firing won't start?

its not gettn no sparks at all

Why would a 95 Geo Tracker start pumping fuel into the exhaust?

one or more of cylinders is not firing. or it may be firing randomly.

Fiat punto 1999 start up problems nothing happening when you turn the key just a click?

flat battery

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Why wont your fiat punto start in the morning?

There could be many reasons why a car won't start in the morning. It might be a problem with a cold start, but it could be the battery isn't connected all the way, or the lack of gas.

I have a 2003 Dodge Neon and when I go out to start it sometimes it will start and sometimes it wont. If you mess with it and push it on level ground and shake it sometimes it will start..?

Maybe check your fuel pump pressure.

When you try to start your 1982 Datsun 280zx it will not start it has fuel pressure and inginition is firing?

prob a vacume leak

How does a blown radiator hose cause a 2000 dodge durango to not have spark and will not start?

A blown radiator hose could not cause a 2000 Dodge Durango to not have spark and not start unless the heat damaged the computer in the vehicle. Sometimes when an engine overheats, the computer that controls the firing can be damaged.

What do you do when your car will not start after you replace the distributor?

Double and triple check your firing order.

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if a cylinder is not firing there will be no spark at the spark plug. Carefully twist as you pull the ignition wire out and start the engine. when the wire gets close to the spark plug you should see an arc. This means the cylinder is firing

1996 Pontiac Sunfire it'll crank but hesitates to start what's wrong?

it could have a bad air filter or the fuel is clogged some where. or the batt could be going bad.