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Try replacing or inspecting the turn signal bulbs first.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-17 00:04:28
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Q: When you start your car all the right hand side indicator's are permently on any idea's you have tried the hazards left side flashed right side is solid?
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What if your indicators on your vauxhal corsa do not work but your hazards do Any Ideas There is also no indication on the dashboard when the hazards are on but the lights do flash?

Most corsa hazards work off separate fuses. i would start with that as that is the cheaper option.

1995 Chrysler LHS turn signals hazards stopped working Put in new flasher an after market one EP-27 it flashed once and popped Then nothing again Any ideas?

hi more than likely it is your switch which is in the colum but easy to get at

Vectra 96 n reg 55 thousand miles speedo tacko temp petrol gauge stereo and indicators hazards faulty fine when started car up then just cut out after 5 min drive ideas?

check alternator

No indicators or hazard lights on peugeot 206 2ltr hdi any ideas fuses ok?

Your flasher relay is defective, replace it.

1990 ford ranger and the hazards work but the turn signals don't. All bulbs are working. Any ideas?

Turn signal flasher

2000 excursion diesel that just stops without warning or indicators I think it may be the fuel relay don't know which relay that is any ideas thks?

would like to know locations in relay box

All indicators not working on one side any ideas?

Turn on your four-way blinkers. Using a wire tester, check all of the wires and harnesses between the blinker relay and the harness that connects the side markers.

1995 Astra fuse keeps blowing for clock hazards horn interior light any ideas?

Had the same prob with mine it was the inter light at the back was touthing the metal work hope this helps

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What would make the turn signal and hazards on a 2000 grand Cherokee stop working I couldn't find any blown fuses any ideas?

Blown bulbs not pulling enough current to cause flashers to operate. Check your bulbs...

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