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When you start your car why is a little white smoke coming out of tailpipe?

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Most Likely You Are Seeing Condensation. When We Drive Short Drives Around Town, Ect. The Exhaust Pipe Doesn`t Get Hot Enough To Keep Water From Condensing Inside The Exhause Pipes. So When You Start Your Car You Will See This White Steam Comming Out The Tail Pipe. You Will Also See It Until The Exhaust Warms Up. I`m Sure By Your Question This Is What You Are Seeing. Hope This Will Help

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There's light blue smoke coming from the tailpipe when i start the car what causes this problem?

You probably have a little oil seeping into the combustion chamber while the engine is off. Once you start the engine, this oil is burned and causes the smoke you see.

What does it mean when a 1996 Toyota Camry shakes a lot when driving and white smoke comes out the tailpipe at start up?

IT usally means that WATER is coming out of YOUR tailpipe wich is STEAM & running ruff is Because the smoke is coming from the DEAD cylinder because the head Gasket is blown(bad) {USALLY}

What would happen if a banana was put in your muffler?

The car might not start. If it does start, the banana might shoot out the tailpipe. If it is up in the muffler, it might smoke or burn.

Will bad spark plugs make a car smoke out the tailpipe?

No it shouldnt, it will however make it harder for the car to start... typically, black smoke from the tail pipe means you have an oil leak somewhere

You have a 90 Nissan Stanza 24lt when you start it up it run fine but when it heats up it sputterwhen you give it a little gas nothing happens then it stalls and you have to wait 20-30 min to restart?

sounds like a blown head gasket. Check for water in the oil. Excessive smoke coming out the tailpipe while idling. Smoke would be real white. You may need the head reworked

Why would white smoke be coming from the tailpipe of the truck and how can the problem be fixed?

It's burning oil, does this happen when you first start it or does it do it all the time ? if only when you first start it, you could have bad valve guide seals and then they need to be replaced, if it does it all the time the engine is running it may be time to rebuild the engine.

Why do you see white smoke out of the tailpipe when you start the car?

condensation should evaporate as exhaust system heats up if it continues you may have a leaking head gasket

Why does your car start to run hot and white smoke come out the tailpipe after you put gas in?

Because it contains more unburned fuels and less carbon contents

What does white smoke coming from the tailpipe mean?

The "white smoke" you see coming out of the tail pipe is steam. It is a pretty common occurrence in the winter or early in the mornings when you first start your vehicle. If your "white smoke" does not disappear after a few minutes or after driving a few miles, you may have a blown head gasket (or worse, a cracked cylinder head) that is allowing coolant to get into the exhaust system. A compression check on the cylinder head will help detect/determine if the steam is due to a problem there.

What if after the white smoke comes out the tailpipe an the car want start after what do that means?

It means you have a blown head gasket. Do not drive this vehicle even if it does start or you will destroy the engine if it is not already destroyed. Seek professional help.

Can the turbocharge on a 2003 SAAB 95 cause blue smoke to exit the tailpipe at cold start up?

If it's only at start up, the turbocharger itself unlikely the problem. Most start up smoke problems are from oil or fuel leaking into the cylinders after turning off the vehicle off or before crank.

How do you determine if an engine is burning oil?

White or bluish/white smoke coming from the tailpipe is oil. Black smoke is unburnt gas. So if you notice a drop in the level of oil when you check it with the dipstick and have that: the white or bluish smoke, you are burning oil. Could be piston rings, especially on a high mileage engine, valve guide seals, (that will cause a lot of smoke upon start up, the oil has leaked past the valve seals in to the combustion chamber while sitting) but the basic answer to your question is the smoke

Your car smells like antifreeze but its not leaking?

Could be that your head gasket is beginning to go. Does it smell strongest when you first start the car, then go away? Look for excess steam coming out the tailpipe when you first start it.

What happens when something is stuffed in tailpipe?

Normally, The engine will not start.

What happens if a cars tailpipe is clogged?

the engine wont start

1992 Lexus es300 It begain overheating and white smoke was coming out of the tailpipe now it will not start?

sounds like you have a blown head gaskt or a cracked head have vehicle taken to a reputable mechanic Perform a "compression test" to see if there is internal engine damage. If you have zero compression on a couple cylinders, you have probably blown a head gasket from overheating.

Why would white smoke come from the tailpipe of a new car that only has 600 miles?

could be too much oil in the reservoir. It's new and under warranty. Take it back to the dealer and let them fix it. BTW, some white smoke at start-up is normal. It is condensation evaporating.

Bronco cranks over but won't start with puff of grey smoke coming from carb?

if there is backfire, check the exhaust restriction....

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Why would my 95 Isuzu rodeo start blowing white smoke out of the tailpipe?

The white smoke indicates the burning of oil. A number of issues could be causing this, especially on an older engine. It's hard to tell the exact source without seeing the engine but worn piston rings are an option or even a leaky gasket somewhere (if there is a good amount of moisture/water coming out as well, then it is more than likely a blown head gasket).

Why is there drops of water coming from your tailpipe when you start your car?

Its water in the gasoline mixture. When the car is first started, the engine temperature is not high enough to evaporate the water in the gas, so the water travels out the exhaust pipe

Why does smoke come from the tailpipe when you start the car and it gets heavier when you press on the gas?

If the smoke is white and it goes away when the car warms up it is condensation and normal. If the white smoke does not go away and smells sweet, you have an internal coolant leak. Possibly a blown head gasket. If the smoke is black, it is too much fuel and too little air in your fuel mixture, possibly a plugged air cleaner, or bad oxygen sensor or computer related problems. If the smoke is blue it is oil getting into the combustion chamber, either past the rings or the valve guides, try some high mileage oil to slow the oil loss.

Why is there a knocking sound coming from the rear end of my 1994 Nissan Sentra when I start it?

Check the tailpipe for contact with the body. A loose hanger that holds the exhaust up may be sagging. The movement of the motor starting will jar the exhaust system.

What is making your engine smoke when you start it in the morning?

The smoke is caused by worn valve guides, while the engine is sitting idle for some time, the oil seeps down around the vave stems, when you start the car, the burning of this oil is what you see coming out of the exaust pipe.

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