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Check your Motherboard for bad capacitors. Check out for details. Swap power supply. (Another Capacitor issue) Video card could be dying, but not likely. Remove any modems you may have, (Lightning or other surge from phoneline fried the modem and it is hanging the system) Exorcism (Kidding)

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Q: When you switch on the computer a message comes on the monitor 'No signal input' and hangs for 10-20 minutes before it starts booting what is wrong?
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When booting your computer and you see a blank screen but hear a single beep what component should you check for?

Check the monitor or the monitor cable.

When booting your computer and you see a blank screen but hear a single beep what component should you check first?

You can assume the problem is with the monitor, monitor cable, or the video system.

What should I do when the message appears on computer monitor as This is not a valid zip code?

Try looking up your zip code or see if you can update the computer.

How long does it take to replace a computer monitor?

Replacing a computer monitor should take less than 10 minutes. First shut off the computer. Unscrew and unplug the (blue or white) video cable for the monitor from the back of the computer, and unplug the monitor power cable. Then remove the old monitor from the desk, replace with the new monitor, and plug it into the video and power plugs. Start your computer and once it has started, adjust the resolution and refresh rate to match the specifications for your monitor.

What is booting as in computer booting?

Booting is defined as: "The time when a computer's motherboard, Hard Drive, RAM, and other peripherals receive power from the distributor." During this time the computer's OS (Operating System [instructions for the computer]) are loaded into the RAM and several small diagnostics are run (mouse, keyboard, USB, monitor). Depending on your computer's available memory, Operating system, and number of boot files, this can take anywhere from 30 seconds to about two and a half seconds. An example is the Windows XP screen with the small, green scrolling bar at the bottom.

What does 'no signal' message mean when it appears on the computer screen?

Usually a no signal message means that the video card is not detecting the monitor. An easy way to fix this is to download the latest drivers for your video card and it should detect the monitor.

Is a monitor a computer?

No, a monitor is simply an output device that you can connect to a computer. Once connected to a computer, you can see what the computer displays on the monitor.

What is the role of monitor in a computer?

the role of a monitor in a computer is to show the things that the computer is doing. a mac computer is the monitor and the computer in one. the same with a laptop

Why do you need a monitor on a computer?

Without a monitor you can't manage what you are doing on the computer. A monitor is an essential hardware on a computer.

How does the first computer monitor looks?

how is the first computer monitor

What is computer monitor called?

A computer monitor is a display device.

Where is the monitor located on a computer?

the monitor is located on the side of the computer

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