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When you tried to pierce your lip but you couldn't it was like your lip was made of iron also it hurts a lot any tips?

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2009-08-23 16:23:49

when you get your lip pierced by a professional they do not use

a gun they use clamps and a needle they push the needle through

your lip very fast i have i have had my lip pierced 4 times and i

watched the piercer the whole time GO TO A PROFESSIONAL THEY KNOW

WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!! 2nd answer: I pierced my lip myself and my

tips would be, get an actual piercing needle. They are so much

easier to use. But, if you can't get one use a thick sewing needle.

I used one. Numb BOTH sides of your lip with ice. Then just stick

the needle through. If you hesitate it will just hurt more. Once it

is through wait maybe one hour. Remember to move around the needle

in between the waiting time. Then slowly as you pull the needle out

place the lip ring in. I suggest studs. You can put rings in about

3-4 weeks after it has healed with no problem.

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