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How do you install c language?

You do not install the language, the language is a specification. You install a compiler.(see gcc)

How do you install turboc compiler?

Try to execute INSTALL.EXE I will suggest to use Dev- C++ OR code Blocks IDE instead of turboC because it is old and not good with new windows versions. although if you want to install turbo c , just type in a good search engine "install turboc compiler",and you will find a number of results for download and install help.

How we can install the c and c plus plus?

You cannot 'install' programming languages. Instead, you can try to install a compiler or an IDE.

How do run c plus plus windows7?

Install a compiler.

How i will get c language on my PC?

For a start, you can install a C-compiler.

How do you install gcc compiler in Ubuntu?

Run (from a terminal): sudo apt-get install gcc build-essential

How do you install groove player configuration file?

need to install this for games.

You have installed the openSUSE 11.1 on your PC but the gcc command is not working there then what should you do?

this only happen if o.s. is not installed completely with compiler options.for it just install the c compiler from the install will work. thank u.

How do you compile a c program in windows OS?

First, install a C-compiler.

How can you run C programes in ubuntu 10.10 without any gcc compiler?

Source programs don't run, obviously, so you should install the compiler first.

How do you install c plus plus in 64bits window7home?

You cannot install a programming language on your computer, only a particular compiler. Pick one.

Configuration and troubleshooting of Active directory?

For the configuration of AD install windows 2003 on the server install Ad by dcpromo on the run command and follow required steps to install AD for troubleshooting of AD install support tools, admin.pak in the server which will give you all the features to monitor and troubleshoot AD

When you install C LANGUAGE display 16 dilogbox on that dialogbox display install pif file so please give you answer quick?

You cannot install a programming language on your computer. If you want to install a compiler, see the attached link.

How do you install c language in Windows 7?

You do not "install C language." You write in it. If you are having trouble installing a specific compiler or IDE, you should specify the name of the product.

How do you Compile the C Programs in command prompt?

Compiler-dependent, it could be: TCC source, BCC source, or MSC source, or CL source, or GCC source, etc... (But of course you have to install a compiler first.)

How do you run c or c plus plus in windows 7?

You should install a C or C++ compiler first.

What does building the compiler exactly means how does this differs from installing the compiler in perspective of GCC?

Installing a compiler, not just the gcc compiler, is a process where you copy the various executable files to the installation directory, where you copy the various header files to the include directory, where you copy the various library files to the lib directory, in short, where you install the compiler program and configure it so that it can do its work, namely to compile programs. This is no different than installing any other program, such as the game Myst. Building a compiler, on the other hand, is the process where you use a compiler, or other tools, to compile a set of programs that represents the compiler. If this sounds circular, consider this... The game Myst is a program. You install it in order to play it. When you run it, you load and run the executable code that represents Myst. It also has source code, though you probably can not get a copy of that source code. You build Myst by compiling the source code into object code, and then linking an executable from that object code. Building a compiler is no different. It is a program. It has source code. You build it by compiling the source code into object code, and then linking an executable from that object code. When you do this to a compiler, however, you need to distinguish between the compiler that you are building and the compiler that you are using to build the compiler. Sometimes, the compiler is used to compile a new version of itself, in a different directory. Sometimes, a different compiler is used, such as using a simplified version of C to compile a C++ compiler.

Cannot complete install program configuration?

There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated Konqueror with application/x-msdos-program, but it cannot handle this file type.

How do you write a C program which runs independent of the compiler No need to install the compiler?

Any computer program does not need compiler at the time of execution. Compiler is needed to convert a high-level language program into an intermediate machine code. When you run a program, the executable binary runs, and that is what you get after compilation, etc. Summary: your Q is incorrect. Please read about compiler, and linker to understand the concept. You cannot write c or c++ code and run it without a compiler. a compiler translates a high level language (c, c++, java) into basic computer code (binary) which is composed of 1's and 0's (101001111001). but you can run it without a compiler if it has already been turned into an executable or an application by another computer.

Does your computer have visual basic c plus plus?

Basic and C++ are two different languages. You can have them both, but you need to install them. By default Windows OSes do not have it. When Linux based have an option to install C++ compiler.

How do you compile and execute programs using command line in DOS?

ad1: install a compiler ad2: just enter the program's name at the prompt

How can you install C plus plus compilers in Netbeans?

The Netbeans website provides a comprehensive FAQ detailing how to install the C/C++ plugin as well as integrating your chosen C/C++ compiler, linker and debugger package.

How do you use c plus plus on Windows 7?

The same way you use C++ on all previous versions: install the appropriate Windows 7 SDK(s) then install a suitable compiler that supports Windows 7.

How do you fit the drive belt on an ef falcon there are a lot of pulleys. What is the configuration?

hi there. on the underside of your bonnet there should be a diagram of the belt configuration and how to install the belt. do you have a manufacturers manual in the glove box?

How do you install a language on my computer?

Programming languages are not "installed", languages are simply the syntax with which you give the computer instructions. What you probably want is a compiler or interpreter, which takes the code that you have written in a programming language and translates it into machine instructions that you can run. An example of a compiler is gcc for C or g++ for C++.