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Possibly the ignition switch is defective.


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most likely the solenoid on the starter or could be a key switch problem doesn't sound like a battery problem

There is no reset for the battery light. If the light is on there's a problem with the electrical system and once the problem is repaired the light will automatically go out.

The oil and battery lights might be showing on your shogun when driving due to an electrical problem. A mechanic can properly diagnose the problem.

It could be a bad battery, or connection. A bad starter and or solenoid could be the problem, along with an ignition switch to name a few.

If the noise is caused by a Mechanical problem, disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it will do NOTHING to fix the problem.

Is the car in park? Do the lights turn on? If so are the dim, or bright? If no lights you likely have a dead battery. From there I would check fuses. Good luck.

You can wreck the battery. Get a smart charger or trickle charger to avoid this problem.

No, a battery charging problem will have something to do with your alternator 90% of the time. The other 9% of the time its the battery itself that can't hold a charge, the other 1% is engine electrical relays.

have an alternator, battery, and electrical check to find out what the problem is. battery may not be taking a charge, or the alternator is not putting out enough voltage.

Nothing you get the ID i did it with no problem!

If your question is what may be a problem with a car that you have to change the battery after a new battery was installed a month ago? Then the alternator may be suspect and or a draw from the electrical system.

a common cause of this type problem is corrosion at a connector.

If the car is on (Ignition is on, engine is running) then no. Nothing should drain the battery when the car is running, there is a device called an alternator with a belt that usually goes around the crankshaft that transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy. As long as you have the car running, the battery should not die. If so, you have a mechanical problem.

Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cable? Blown fusable link?

It's gotta be the battery/electrical. Prob a corrosion in the battery line that shocked the electrical system get it towed to a dealer and tell them your story.

In the car electrical system, the starter motor is the first stop after the battery, so the problem has to be with that.

battery on remote dead , other electrical problem

Problem with the electrical system. More than likely alternator is bad.

(Battery may be dead or you have a loose or corroded connection.(un-educated guess) If the car starts the battery does nothing but complete the circuit and receive potential from the alternator... so a loose or corroded connection would cause the car not to start... the problem lies in the wires coming off the alternator.. basic electrical theory applied to vehicles..

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