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When you turn your park lights on they work fine but when you turn your headlights on they dont stay on what should you do you know you need to check the switch but you cant get the plastic casing off?


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2011-09-14 10:38:34
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Depends on the year, make and model. Pre-1968 US cars were generally wired to shut the parking lights off when the headlights were on, with few exceptions. This is the normal operation. If it really bugs you, you can jump a wire between the tail light and front parking light lines.


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ummm... your brake lights should ALWAYS work whether your headlights are on or not, that's how people behind you know you are stopping.

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Low beam headlights and fog lights if the vehicle has fog lights.

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Brake lights should NOT be effected by the headlights. Brake light function is completely independent of the headlights. Assuming you are not refering to the tail lights, or marker lights, which are supposed to come when the head lights are turned on. Not having brake lights when the head lights are on is a big safety problem and should be corrected.

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Rotate the plastic casing 1/8 turn counterclockwise. It should then be easily removed from the reflector housing. The bulb pulls straight out from the plastic casing.

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