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Torque is increased on the larger, driven gear. The increase can be calculated as the ratio of the radii of the two gears. For example, if the small gear has a radius of 2 cm and the larger gear has a radius of 10 cm, the torque ratio is 10/2 (ten to two), or 5/1 (five to one). So the driven gear is producing 5 times the torque of the driving gear. The speed ratio is the reverse; the driven gear is rotating at 1/5 the speed of the driving gear.

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Pulleys and belts will result in the fastest rotation?

Large drive pulley, small driven pulley = faster rotation but less torque. Small drive pulley, large driven pulley = slower rotation but more torque.

What is the result of sympathetic stimulation on the trachea?

Sympathetic stimulation of the trachea causes the trachealis muscle to relax, giving the trachea a large cross-sectional area. This allows increased air flow because of the increased diameter and less resistance.

How large ia an 8in diameter plate?

how do you measure diameter

How does a large force produce a small torque and it is possible for a small force to produce a large torque?

Torque is the product of (force) x (distance from the center of rotation).So with a distance from the center that's large enough or small enough,any force can produce as much or as little torque as you want.

How did the large intestine get its name if it is smaller than the small intestine?

The diamerter of the large intestine is larger, and the diameter of the small intestines is smaller The diamerter of the large intestine is larger, and the diameter of the small intestines is smaller It has a significantly larger circumference. Diameter, the large intestine is far thicker then the small intestine. It's smaller in diameter. It is larger in diameter, not length.

How large in inches in diameter is the human aorta?

It is about one inch in diameter.

How it is possible for a large force to produce only a small or even zero torque?

if large force is applied keeping the minimum moment arm then it produces a very small torque or even no torque.

What is dynamic torque?

The torque produced by the cars engine will be both static and dynamic, depending on where it is measured.If the torque is measured in the crankshaft, there will be large dynamic torque fluctuations as each cylinder fires and its piston rotates the crankshaft.If the torque is measured in the drive shaft it will be nearly static because the rotational inertia of the flywheel and transmission will dampen the dynamic torque produced by the engine.So the torque which fluctuates based upon the operating condition & other amplification factors, is called dynamic torque.Saurabh Solanki

How much longer is the diameter form the radius?

The diameter is twice as large as the radius.

What is the diameter of a large vein?


What are the large diameter airways called?

The largest diameter airways are the mainstem bronchi. Smaller-diameter airways are the bronchioles.

How is it possible for a smaller force to hava a large torque?

Yes, it is possible for a smaller force to have a large torque because it is usually located at a much greater distance from the center of rotation. Torque is calculated by multiplying the distance by the force.

Why is the large intestine smaller then the small intestines?

because the small intestine is rolled up and at first appears smaller Large intesine (colon) is called large because it is larger in diameter NOT Length. Large intestine is thicker bigger in diameter than small intestine. While small intestine is smaller in diameter ( very thin) but it is very long in lenght. Large intestine large in diameter (thick) but it is very short in lenght

How large diameter is mercury compared to earth?

Mercury's diameter is 0.3825 times that of Earth's

How large was the original Globe in diameter?

97 and 102 feet (29.6 - 31.1M) in diameter

The diameter of a small pizza is 16 cm. This is 2 centimeters more than two fifths of the diameter of a large pizza. Find the diameter of the large pizza?

35 cm

Why front tires are larger in combine?

They compensate for the smaller rear tires. The rear tires have to be small, in order to facilitate turning. The larger tires are used to drive the vehicle, so they need to have a large cross section to distribute weight evenly enough in order to prevent the vehicle from sinking into the ground. The large diameter of the tires also serves two functions - it helps keep the cab elevated above the radius of the head, and also keeps the vehicle geared low enough to deliver ample drive torque.

What are small planets and what are large planets?

The small planets are the ones smaller than 8000 miles in diameter. The large planets are the large ones larger than 30,000 miles in diameter.

Diameter of large intestine?

3.98 ft

What is the diameter of the large intestine?

6.5 cm

How large is Triton?

3,800 miles in diameter.

How large can the diameter of an air mass be?


What is the dome diameter of Mt Pelee?


How large are sunspots?

Sunspots can be as large as 80,000 km (50,000 miles) in diameter.

Average diameter of the large intestines?

Also called colon or bowel is about 6.3 cm in diameter.