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The setting of the sand filter should be on filter for a normal vacuum. However if you are getting rid of the results of using clarifier from the bottom of the pool you would be beter of vacuuming to waste.

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Q: When you vacuum a pool what setting should the filter be on?
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How do you vacuum the pool with a sand filter?

The same as any pool. you plug the vacuum hose into the vacuum plate over the top of the leaf basket, connect the vacuum head to the end with the pole on it leave the sand filter on filter setting and vacuum the bottom.

How do you vacuum your pool with a Hayward sand filter?

If you are using a pool vacuum on an extendable rod just plug the hose into the vacuum plate over the leaf basket behind the static skimmer. Leave the sand filter setting on filter and just run the vac over the pool floor the same as you would a home vacuum cleaner.

What setting should the sand filter be at when using the the above ground pool cleaner?

It should be on "FILTER"

What setting should you have your pool on for normal operation?

If you're talking about your pool filter, it should be set to filter or run. Use the bypass or recirculate setting if you wish to circulate the water without having the water pass through the filter. Use the backwash setting to clean the filter.

Can you put chemicals in the pool while the vacuum is in?

You should not put chemicals in the pool while the vacuum is in. Put the chemicals in and give them a chance to work first. Then you can vacuum and backwash the filter as needed.

What setting is correct to use instead of using the filter setting while vacuuming the pool if there is no waste setting?

The "Rinse" will also take water out, but you should really have a waste setting. Call a local pool company or the maker of your filter system.

How do you keep your pool bottom clean?

vacuum using the filter.(it should have tubes and an attachment

With above ground sand pool filters when you need to vacuum should the pump be on filter position or vacuum to waste?

It should be on filter and don't forget to backwash at least once a week.

Do you vacuum on filter or backwash?

You normally vacuum on filter. There are some situations like when the pool has been treated with a floculent that the pool is vacuumed to waste.

When adding aluminum sulphate to swimming pool should the filter be running?

Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

Where does the dirt go when you vacuum the pool?

Into your filter

How do you remove diatomaceous from your pool?

If your filter is repaired then you can just vacuum the pool.

How do you vacuum your salt water pool?

You can vacuum a salt water pool the same way you would a non salt water pool. If you are vacuuming on the filter setting, your filter will help to clean the debris out of the pool. If you are dealing with a very dirty pool and use the waste setting, you will be wasting some of the water from the pool in the process. Depending on how much water you take out and need to refill, you will most likely need to add some salt back in to get your salt level back to normal operating levels.

Earth flows into your pool when you vacuum is the problem the filter or the vacuum?

Most likely the filter. i would check the fingers inside the filter for tears.

Do you set your filter to backwash to clean pool?

Setting the filter to backwash cleans the filter, running your pump to filter cleans the water in the pool. Brushing the walls of your pool cleans the walls of your pool... and so on.

Pool filter looses vacuum when you attach vacuum hose?

submerge the hose in the pool first to get all of the air out, then attach to the skimmer.

How do you clear the in-ground pool of earthworms?

Vacuum them into the filter.

How can you improve suction of your swimming pool vacuum?

Clean the filter

How do you vacuum your pool and what setting do I put my pump on?

You leave your pool filter set to filter hook up hose with a vacume attachment vacume with filter set to filter or to and then backwash you filter if you have a sand type filter you can also vacume while filter is set to waste but you will need to add water when done. If you have a cartridge type vacume set at filter then remove filter cartridge and clean or replace.

How can you tell if your vacuum is working in your swimming pool?

It is a vacuum. It should be picking up fairly well. That is what is was made to do and be sold as. If it is not, then check your filter. I have a DE filter. I backwashed it and put more material back in and then the vacuum is working much better and very obvious. I also have found that the recirculate setting is much better for vacumming if you have a return line type of vacuum. The flow is much faster and therefore the suction much faster.

What position does a multiport valve have to be on to vacuum a pool?

Should be set to Filter in normal circumstances, if particularly soiled, set to waste to save excessive dirt in filter.

Why does DE flow out the pool return lines when using the pool vacuum line?

You should have NO D.E. going back into the pool when you vacuum or anytime else. If you do have it going back in, you need to open the filter and check to see what part is broken, loose or missing.

How do I vacuum my swimming pool and bypass the filter?

If you have a sand filter just set it on Back wash

Why do you get dirt back in the pool when cleaning?

IT is possible that you have a damaged cartridge in a cartridge filter or the sand filter is not set on filter when you vacuum or the laterals in the sand filter are worn and it is blowing sand back into the pool.

After fixing the sand filter how do you remove the sand that got into the inground pool?

Just vacuum it up with a pool vacuum. A: hummmm, you should not have gotten sand in the pool. If after you vac the pool and you are still getting sand back to the pool then you have a broken lateral that needs to be replaced. You may also have inadvertently poured sand down the standpipe ~ that should have been covered or plugged with a temp cap before you added sand to the filter tank. Just vac that up and you should be OK. k