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Water somewhere where it shouldn't be. Vehicle engines weren't designed to get very wet. If you do wash it, give it plenty of time to dry off/out.

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Q: When you wash the engine on a 92 eclipse what would cause a huge loss of power afterwards?
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Will a failed timing belt in a 1990 Eclipse that lost power and rolled to a stop cause serious engine damage to the point of needing to replace the engine?

The 1.8L is not an interference engine, so you should not have internal damage. The 2.0L is an interference engine. Internal engine damage is likely.

Will a bad head gasket repair cause loss of power on a 2002 Subaru?

If an engine was not assembled properly it could cause a low power complaint.If an engine was not assembled properly it could cause a low power complaint.

What could cause a 93mitsubishi Eclipse to not get enough power?

saprk plug may have came off

How many horse power has a 1.8L Mitsubishi eclipse from 1991 vith engine sr number 4G37HC4299?


Can a catalytic converter cause engine loss of power?


Will power steering pump failure cause engine stall?


How much power does a 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse motor have?

A typical 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS comes with a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine. It will have around 162 horsepower, but you can get more power if you get a higher model, (the GT, GTS are faster).

What would cause a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse to die and power steering to lock up while driving and not restart and how to fix?

The drive belt snapped and as it was moving at 75mph the the pistons smashed themselves around in the engine causing the car to suddenly stop and lose power. Took a new belt and expensive engine repair to fix.

Can a loose battery cable cause transmission problems?

Yes, cause a reduction of power to the engine. It will result in a power-train malfunction error

Will a mass flow sensor cause you to losing power steering when you cut the heat on in a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

No, it will not. Try replacing the belt.

What cause alternator not to produce power to start engine?

The alternator produces power to charge the battery. The battery powers the starter to turn the engine over.

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