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Q: When you wear a girdlewhere does the fat go?
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Where does the fat go when you put on a girdle?

When you wear a girdle the fat is squeezed into the girdle giving one a slimmer appearance.

What do children in afreica wear?

ya fat ya fat

Is bad bad that i am 11 and weigh 110 but am 5'3?

Your to tall and to fat go workout and wear a weighted hat to stunt your height.

What to wear to hide fat arms?

A way to hide fat arms is to wear dresses or blouses that have sleeves. You can also wear a jacket or cardigan over a short-sleeved blouse or dress.

When would it be appropriate to wear a fat suit?

One might wear a fat suit to depict what its like to be fat. They might also be worn in a motion picture for acting purposes. The fat suit could also be used for weight simulation.

What fat does to the body?

Makes. You not fit in to your clothes most of the people in my family are fat and wear sweat suites I am tall really skiing and wear skinny jeans

Where does the fat go when you wear a corset?

some corsets are made to slim, so it makes an even figure. some are too tight and fat is sticking out from the bottom and the top. mianly its nicely placed in empty spaces in the internal body.

What should you wear for a Halloween party?

If you are fat you should wear a burger costume! but if your skinny wear a french fry !

Can fat people wear skinny jeans?

Indeed it is possible. Fat people can wear skinny jeans. But that's your pick!!!!!

Why do fat people wear leggings?

mostly because of cellulite. (fat dimples, mostly in the legs)

What did the black panthers wear?

fat suits

How do you wear things in your inventory on roblox?

Go to caracter. Then go to hats,heads,etc and click "wear"

Can fat men wear a cummerbund?

nobody should wear a cummerbund, unless you're from the 80s.

Does anyone remember the name of a late 60s or early 70s TV commercial with a jingle 'fat fat fibers'?

I remember it as "Fat fibers, fat fat fibers, boy do we wear well. Fibers by Kodel"

Should fat people wear tight clothes?

IF they feel confident about it then there fat won't show when every one is looking at their personality. No, I am her sister and she is fat who wrote that on top don't wear the tight clothes !!!! yea dont wear tight clothes especially not guys that is the most grosses thing you can possibly do

Am i too fat for hollister jeans i wear an 11 in jeans i wanted to try hollister jeans but have heard that they come reduced in size?

Nope, the sizes go up to 11

I always feel fat because I am 13 yrs old 5ft 4in and wear an 11 short in juinors Do you think Im fat Please be honest.?

your not fat at all. it doesn't mater what size pants you wear. nobody cares about the way you look. most people might start being rude but its because you have something they want. and so, honestly you shouldn't feel fat. but if you feel like you want to at least lose a little weight and get fit then just run and eat right. but NO STARVING YOURSELF! other than that, your good to go

What did Mesopotamian priests wear?

Your mom's body fat.

What did men in Mesopotamia wear?

your momma's fat belly!

Should fat girls wear skinny jeans?


Wear do you get the hm strangth in HeartGold?

go east of ecretec city and walk near mt mortar some fat man rams you but then as an aplolgy gives u strengh (hmo4)

Where does fat go after digestion?

with your fat cells.

What size shoe does the statue of liberty wear?

she wud wear size.......the size of ur mother's fat butt. lol

What kind of traditional dresses should a fat girl wear?

she should wear a long shirts in black color with trousers.

How many layers does a person wear in the south pole?

depends if they are fat.