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You may not necessarily need them, but it would be aggravating to have to pull them apart again 6 months from now. If it were me, I would change the mounts and the springs while they are out, especially if you have more than 100,000 miles. If you hear a clunk while hitting bumps, or if the center metal piece of the mount comes loose easily after removal from the strut, the mount is probably finished- replace it.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-01 19:25:53
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Q: When your 1990 Olds struts need replacing do you also need a mtg kit?
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How do you know if your front shocks are gone on your 1995 Intrepid and how do you replace them?

It has Struts and not shocks. If the car is bouncing or floating whenever you hit a dip in the road, or seems to handle poorly, these are signs of worn struts. A leak in one of the struts is also a sign of a bad strut. Mileage is another factor. Struts today will last a long time, but if the car has over 100,000 miles, then more than likely the struts need replacing. As to replacing them, unless you have the proper tools and knowledge, take it to a pro. Serious injury can occur when replacing struts, if you don't know what you are doing.

Does a 1992 Camry have struts and shock absorbers in the front or just struts?

All Toyota Camry's have struts in the front. This is also accompanied with strut mounts and bearings that are located between the mount & strut. I highly recommend replacing the mounts & strut bearings with the struts. My experience has shown that the mounts fail before the strut.

How do you replace struts on 96 olds 98 regency?

If you don't have the right tools don't attempt to change your struts. Getting the struts of is, easy but you have to have a spring compressor once you get them off also you need a workbench with a vice to remove the spring. Very Dangerous without proper tools.

How do I remove the bolts in the bottom of the front struts to remove them?

You can check for any fluid leak around the shock.Additional informationIf they are in need of replacing it is a good idea to also replace the upper strut mounts at the same time. I had one fail 5 months after replacing the struts, wasn't pretty.

The causes of vibration at high speeds?

Possibly could use a wheel alignment, or tire pressure on all tires the same,or it also could be your stabilizer rods need replacing and while your looking at them check your struts and springs.good luck with that.

Are bad struts unsafe?

Yes. Bad struts effect the handling of a vehicle. In an emergency situation where you are required to make a quick maneuver, those bad struts can cause you to not be able to avoid an accident. They will also cause your tires to wear out prematurely.Yes. Bad struts effect the handling of a vehicle. In an emergency situation where you are required to make a quick maneuver, those bad struts can cause you to not be able to avoid an accident. They will also cause your tires to wear out prematurely.

Why does my battery keep dying in your 1990 Ford Thunderbird?

The battery may have a dead cell and need replacing. You may also have some light that is on or a relay that is stuck.

How can you tell if the struts on your vehicle need replacing?

The "bounce test" always works for me. Push repeatedly on the front of the vehicle until you can get it moving up and down several inches, then quit pushing and watch. The vehicle should only continue moving for just one "cycle" (up then down or down then up) If it moves much more than that, the struts are bad. Also, visually check the struts. If they are damaged, leaking oil pr the bushings are coming apart, that's good sign that they need to be replaced.

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Can the rear wheel bearings on a 1990 Mercury Topaz AWB be replaced without replacing the entire hub set?

Yes. You should also replace the race at the same time.

Is it standard procedure to flush the system when replacing an air conditioner compressor with clutch in a 97'olds aurora?

It is standard procedure to flush contamanated oil from system. if the compressor went bad . also the orfice tube.

What causes wheel tramp?

Static imbalance or an out-of-round tire or wheel. Can also be caused by serverly worn shocks/struts. Have the tires balanced and the wheels checked. Inspect the shocks/struts.

What jobs are there for 15 year olds in Scarborough?

15 year olds in Scarborough may be also to work in pet stores. Animal rescue centers may also be a possibility for 15 year olds.

Why does my 1990 Toyota SR5 starter click?

Low battery voltage will cause clicks, and it is also possible that the starter solenoid is too worn in which case replacing the whole starter is best.

Can you get caravan struts re-gassed in Nth Queensland?

Strut Re-gas TownsvilleIf travelling around north Queensland, there is a franchise called Strut Re-gas Townsville that has a mobile service to come out to your van park and re-gas your struts. You will find their contact details at link below They also do bed struts and pop-up struts as well as the struts on the front storage compartments.I found them a great service with my pop-up struts, quick, friendly andvery professional - the struts are now as good as new. I just wish I had done them sooner. Best to get all four struts done once one fails, so that they are all the same pressure.Jill Barnes, Orange NSW

How much to replace shocks and struts?

Depending on your vehicle, how much of the work you do yourself, and the type of shocks and struts you buy, it can cost about 250 to about 800 dollars. This price also varies depending on the area where you live.

Does a 1990 Honda Accord need a rear end alignment?

The 1990 Honda Accord has front and rear strut assemblies. It is also a rear independent suspension (IRS). The Accord does/will need 4-wheel alignments for routine maintenance and or when replacing certain steering-suspension components

In a 1997 Chevy Cavalier what would cause the right rear section by the tire makes a loud clunking sound when hitting a bump?

Check the shocks and the suspension components. You might have a bad bushing on the sway bar, shock or elsewhere. The 1997 Chevy Cavalier has struts instead of shocks in the rear-end, so you would need to replace those. Also while replacing the struts you might want to consider alingment for both the rear and front because if the car has been making this sound for a long period of time it will be out of aline. My cavalier had the same problem, but both struts were bad.

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How often do you replace struts and shocks?

some times you will never . but also they get replaced when they leak or have no bounce control.

What is the tire pressure for the olds 2001 Olds alero?

Listed in your owners manual and also found on the drivers door post.

Can you show an exploded view of a 2001 Mercury Sable front strut assembly?

Since graphics / illustrations aren't possible here, I would suggest and their free online Repair Guide - totally illustrated & detailed.Also see "Related Questions" below for instructions on replacing the front struts.

2008 Honda Fit my rear tires are dishing at about 15000 miles I rotate them air pressure balanced but still only get 15000 miles out of a 40000 mile tire?

You need to have a 4 wheel alignment. Also inspect your shocks or struts to see if they need replacing as dishing is also a sign of worn suspension parts. If it is still under warranty take it back to the dealer.

What are struts on your car?

They are an integral part of the steering and suspension that also performs like a shock absorber. They can be on the front or the rear.

If you have a clunking from the back end of your 1995 Neon is it the shocks and struts?

Factory rear struts would be well-worn by now (if still original), so it could be a big factor. Also, the strut tower bushing is probably worn. I have fould the Neon rear springs may have lost a bit of their cushining ability too (separate damping/rebound from the struts themselves), but often not enough to replace those when changing a set of new struts.