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When metal heats up what will it do?

It will expand, and if heated enough, will start to glow and melt.

How does a balloonist keep from crashing into trees?

He heats the gas in the balloon enough to lift him over them.

Car heats while still but cools when driving?

make sure there's enough coolant in the radiator.

What heats the incubator?

what heats the incubator

Can you explain how puddles disapper?

Evaporation, the heat heats up the puddles enough to get them to steam form, and they rise up into the sky.

What happens if a nuclear power plant over heats?

The fuel could be damaged and could melt if temperatures get high enough

Is it ok if your iPod heats up while charging it?

It's ok,It's just the power going into battery.

What does the yolk in a egg cell provide?

The egg yolk is the little baby that is going to born after it's mother heats it.

Why does a Chevy v 6 Engine heats up and starts to stall?

because they dont big enough anti-freeze tanks

What state of matter is a candle?

Solid, when not heated, then liquid when the flame heats it and gas as the fumes from the substance that make the candle when it is hot enough.

Why does radiation heats up?

Radiation never heats up .... when it is absorbed by matter then the matter heats up.

What heats the earth?

The sun heats the Earth unevenly

What is a better word for heats?

There is no single word for heats which is better.

How do you use heats in a sentence?

This stove heats up nicely.

Which heats up faster by day?

The desert heats up faster.

What heats faster rock or soil?

Sand heats up faster

What is the most common way matter changes state?

By Heating up, or Cooling down. If a solid heats up enough it turns to liquid. If a liquid heats up, it turns to gas. If a gas cools down, it becomes a liquid. If a liquid Freezes it becomes a solid

Is there a word called 'heats'?

Yes. Example sentences are below. While the soup heats on the stove, I'll make a salad and pour some milk. The fireplace heats our entire home in the winter.

How many chambered hearts do amphibians have in order to ensure all cells in the body receive enough oxygen at all times?

3 Chambered heats

How does the earth warm up?

The sun heats the earth. Some of this heat is retained in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This keeps the earth warm enough for life.

What is the main function of the autoclave?

It heats equipment to a high enough temperature to kill all microorganisms, sterilizing the equipment.Basically it is a type of pressure cooker.

How does a planet's distance from the sun affect other characteristics of the planet?

It affects the characteristics of the planets by the highs and lows of the temperature of the planet. It also would affect, if there was, the life on the outer planets. If there were life on the outer planets, they would freeze. [Jupiter mostly heats itself by it's core. Jupiter was going to be a star, but it didn't weigh enough or wasn't hot enough to become a star.]

What is a sentence for predominating?

1- Anger was the predominating mood in the election.2- Happiness was the predominating mood in the party.The Heats are going to be predominating this season.

Why does engine heat up before driving?

1996 sierra 2500 heats up going up hills but not on level or down gerades

Do all runners get a olympic medal for running the heats?

Heats are the qualifying races before the final event. Runners must compete in the heat races and finish with a high enough time to get into the finals. Even the runners that finish first, second or third in the heats do not get medals; this just confirms that they can compete in the medal races. When all the heats for a particular event, like the 400 meter relay for example, are finished, the best runners from each heat compete for medals. Only the top three runners get medals.

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