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Naturally, on the advice of the dealer, I replaced the cluster (388.00 retail) and the fuse continued to blow. I checked the dc resistance and determined that the cluster is relay controlled making cold testing without a schematic impossible. If there is reverse biased diode across the master relay, that could be blown. Without a diagram the rest is up to those 85.00 per hour electrical techs and a good week in the shop to get to the problem. Another possibility is to disassemble as much of the dash as possible and in total darkness, install fuse, switch on ignition and watch for tiny spark in wiring harness away from fuse block. Installed a lamp in series with the fuse to limit the current can furhter assist in locating a short to ground, bad diode, or other steering problem with the electrical. This all gives new meaning to the word-cheap or cheapest. TGFSD=thank God for schematic diagrams.

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How do you remove instrument cluster from escort finesse?

should be 3 screws under the ignition cowling then 2 screws either side of stalk switches if that is the cluster you mean

How do you fix a speedometer on a 1995 mercury villager van?

It is not repairable, you should replace the instrument cluster.

How do you get rid of service spanner on au falcon?

with ignition off hold done the button on the instrument cluster. turn ignition on. wait about 10 sec. the trip meter may reset but it will reappear to what it was before resetting the spanner symbol if done right. if done right. the spanner should dissappear.

2003 dodge Dakota flasher location?

Should be on a panel under the dash undernieth the instrument cluster.

Where is the instrument dimmer on an Mercedes e220 w124?

On the gauge cluster it should be the left knob. Just turn it.

How do you remove the instrument cluster in a 1993 Toyota Camry?

It is not difficult. First you have to remove the 12vot cigarette lighter plastic and then remove the radio. 4 screws for the radio. Then you have to remove the panel that goes from the radio up to the instrument cluster. This panel has 4 screws. 2 of them are on top of the instrument cluster (visible) and the other two should be visible after removal of radio.

How do you change the overdrive light on a 98 villager?

You will have to remove the instrument cluster. This may be an LED that should never have failed.

How do you find speedometer cable on 1993 olds achieva?

Generally the speedometer cable starts at the transmission and ends at the instrument cluster. Visually inspect from the firewall in the area of the instrument cluster and track back to the transmission. You should be able to find it with no problems. --mark

Should the instrument cluster on your 2001 beetle be lit up?

Sure, as long as the brightness control isn't turned off.

Will a 1600 toyata tazz corolla instrument cluster work on a 1300 tazz sport?

Open the dashboard underneath the steering column. If you you see a yellow plug that's not connected to anything you should be able to fit the 1600 instrument cluster without modification and it will work.

Instrument cluster fuse for a 2000 Chevy silverado?

The fuse that controls your Instrument cluster on a 2000 silverado is going to be linked with your radio fuse. Look in the fuse box under the hood, (upper right hand side, driver side) and look for a fuse labeled radio. It should be a 10 amp. If it is good, then cluster and radio fuse is good.

How do you change the instrument panel lamps on a 2002 Chevy Prizm?

Instrument Panel Lamp Procedure per Prizm Shop Manual This procedure only applies to cars with tilt steering wheels. Prizms without tilt wheels are infinitely more difficult because you have to disable the airbag system and remove the trim covers from the steering wheel. Important: The ignition switch must be in the OFF position when removing the instrument cluster assembly. 1. Tilt the steering column down in order to gain the necessary clearance to remove the instrument panel cluster trim plate. 2. Remove the two screws that secure the instrument panel cluster trim plate. 3. Disengage the two lower clips (hidden) 4. Gently remove the instrument panel cluster trim plate from the instrument panel assembly. 5. Remove the three screws which secure the instrument panel assembly, pull out the assembly carefully. 6. Mark the the 4 electrical connectors where they connect to the cluster assembly so that you remember which connector went to which socket 7. Disconnect the 4 electrical connectors from the cluster assembly 8. Remove the instrument cluster assembly 9. Remove the instrument cluster retainer with the instrument cluster lens attached from the instrument cluster case by releasing the 8 locking tabs. 10. Remove the cluster bulb socket from the instrument cluster case by turning in a counterclockwise direction. Remove the old bulb from the socket and replace the bulb. 11. Reverse the procedure to reassemble NOTE: This is such a convoluted procedure you should replace all bulbs while you are this deep into it. Trust me, the other bulbs will soon go bad. Incredibly, the shop manual does not list the part number of the bulb. Note 2: It is easier, and you are less likely to break the trim plate, if this is done while the dash is warm and therfore more flexible. Like parked in the sun for a while before starting. Also, the bulb is a #194, and you will want to get green colored "instrument bulb boots".

Where can you buy a 1991 Lincoln Town Car Digital Instrument Cluster?


Why would the gages not work on a 2000 dodge ram 1500?

under your dash there should be a fuse for your instrument cluster. that is probably the problem.

How do you fix the mileage gauge is not lit up?

You have a light out...take a look at the trim around the instrument cluster, should be held in by a few screws. After pulling the cover pull the cluster, look on the back, check all bulbs and replace the ones that are burnt out or replace them all. You have a light out...take a look at the trim around the instrument cluster, should be held in by a few screws. After pulling the cover pull the cluster, look on the back, check all bulbs and replace the ones that are burnt out or replace them all.

The gas light on your 2004 Toyota Echo is burnt out how do you change it?

Grab the top of the instrument cluster surround and pull towards you. It should pop right out. You now have exposed the instrument cluster. There are two screws on each side. Unscrew them and pull the cluster out. On the back side you will see the light sockets. Twist the one that is bad to the left and pull out the socket. pull out bulb and replace.

How do you remove the instrument cluster for a 1995 Dodge Neon?

I haven't removed the instrument cluster in it's entirety, but I can get you as far as it. I recommend getting the Chilton Manual.. any O'Reily's or Advanced should have the book. Ok, the top of the dash ( the top flat part that faces the sky/windshield *not the part that faces you*) lifts up. Start at the corner near the dash speaker and lift the whole panel up. This exposes the instrument cluster. That's as far as I can help. good luck

How do you get a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am to stay running after replacing the instrument panel cluster with another cluster?

I had read that what you have to do is after you replace the cluster try to start it once. Leave the key in the on position for at least 10 minutes and that is supposed to reset the anti-theft system and it should start and run fine.

How do you replace the radio and cluster light bulbs on a 1998 Monte Carlo?

Cluster Lights.Pull the black trim piece off surrounding the instrument cluster, There should be a screw on either side about 4/5ths of the way up the cluster that have to be removed, then slide the top of the cluster towards you. and the bottoms are Popped into place so it might take some playing with to pop them out but just pulling or prying with a screwdriver should work. then unplug the instrument cluster from the dash (top right hand side)and all your bulbs are located on the back..... As for the radio, i have no idea how to replace the lights on it, better off buying an aftermarket or picking up a used one from a wreckers

How do you remove instrument cluster from a 1993 cavalier?

This should help, http://www.autozone.com/addVehicleId,1893901/initialAction,repairGuide/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c1528003bd33

Where is the rear brake switch for a 1992 Chevy G20 Conversion Van?

hi there should be same as mine which is located behind the dash you can either access it from below the dash which is awkard or remove the instrument cluster panel and unbolt the heater controls and instrument cluster as the switch is located behind them hope this is of use to you nate

Does a 1999 Corvette have daytime running lights?

Yes it should while running apply parking brake should go out also should have a little green light on in the instrument cluster when running to indicate being on

Turn signalshazzard lights quit flashing on 2004 impala where is the flasher?

It should be located on the dash just up and left of the sterio near the instrument cluster

How do you troubleshoot the instrument cluster on a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu as the fuel and temperature gauge do not work?

Ground the temperature sending unit and the gauge should go to hot. If it does not the the gauge is defective. The instrument cluster will have to be sent off for repair. had the same problem, check for bad fuse located in fuse box under the hood on drivers side.

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