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You didn't mention why the cousin wanted to sneak out. He may just want some head space and go to a bar and your mate is joining him. Because men go out or lie about going out doesn't always mean they are cheating. Some girlfriends/wives can keep too tight a rein on their boyfriends/husbands and thus, the sneaking. My girlfriend has her husband's full evening planned out for him almost every night (a wrong thing to do) and he has lied about working over-time just so he can go out the odd night to a bar with his friends. He's not cheating on her either. If this cousin is cheating on his girlfriend/wife, then your mate should be talking him out of it and not joining him on his little adventure. Be sure of your facts first and NEVER accuse your mate of something unless you are absolutely sure. If you know about it then your mate must have told you about it and if this is the case then I doubt he's cheating on you. Marcy

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Q: When your boyfriend's cousin wants to sneak out and your boyfriend goes with him is there a chance that he might be cheating?
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What relation is your cousins boyfriends cousin to you?

My Boyfriend and my cuusin

What do I do if Im in love with my boyfriends cousin?

If you really love your boyfriend's cousin, drop the boyfriend and go for the cousin. Always follow the heart.

Can you like your boyfriends cousin even though we have a baby together and not married?

sure, if you want to like him, that's up to u! you just have to tell your boyfriend. but is your boyfriends cousin dating anyone?

What does it mean when you dream you're going out with your boyfriends cousin?

this means that you are not completely happy in the relationship. dreaming of your boyfriends cousin means that you believe your boyfriend would be the perfect match for you if he were just a little different...

What can i do if i am in love with my boyfriends cousin?

try telling your boyfriend how you feel about his cuz and ask your bf if he really likes you

What will happen if i get pregnant by my boyfriends cousin?

Presumably you will have a baby in about 9 months.If you're asking how your boyfriend (or, for that matter, his cousin) will feel about that, then you know them (at least one of them in the Biblical sense) better than we do; how should we know?

What are the signs that your boyfriend is cheating with your cuson?

When your so dimwitted that you spell cousin 'cuson'. That's not the slang spelling, the American or the English spelling.

Is it disrespectful for your boyfriends cousin to put his arms around your shoulders?

it is up to you, if you don't like it talk to your boyfriend about it he should be very understanding. don't wory about hurting your boyfriends cousins feelings he should understand that you feel it is or isn't ok

If your sister had a kid with her boyfriend are you related to her boyfriends sister?

Unless her boyfriend's related to you (like birth brother, father (ew), cousin, uncle, etc.), then no. Not by blood. lol

Is it okay to date your cousins boyfriends sister?

I think if you're not blood related, then yeah. I don't think there's a problem to it. I'd okay it with your cousin and her boyfriend, and your cousin's boyfriend and cousin's boyfriend's sister's parents first.

Is it cheating when you have a girlfriend and your with your cousin?

yes, it is

What does it mean when your boyfriends cousin dreams that your boyfriend kills you?

Dreams are about the dreamer. Your boyfriend's cousin's dream is about him/herself. In that person's dream, "you" are a symbol representing someone or something completely different.

My cousin always batters your boyfriends what should i do?

tell your cousin to stop because it's mean and annoyin.

How could you find out if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

if you have really good friends and they live where he lives(the house next to him)then they will tell might hurt alittle because my cousin told me my ex was cheating on me. ~Mzsexy19 aka lil mama006~

How do you tell if your cousin is in love with your annoying boyfriend?

I'm not sure if this will help but does your boyfriend like your cousin? If you have faith in your boyfriend then even if your cousin really DOES like him, you know that your boyfriend won't cheat on you. If he really does cheat on you then all i can say is - you deserve better than that. As to how to tell ... I guess you can talk to your cousin about it? or you try to talk about your boyfriend to your cousin and notice her reactions and expressions.

What do you do if you've just found out your boyfriends your distant cousin?

Break up with them....i would hope....

Why did you dream about your boyfriends cousin?

Maybe you've seen him alot latley or keep on thinking about him ?

My cousin claims she's my friend but she likes all the guys i like is that really a friend?

i dont think that is a true friend because a true friend would not like ur boyfriend and your boyfriend is not true either if he likes her back think about n pick bettre friends and boyfriends

Why did you have an affair with your husbands cousin?

Only you hold the key to why you had an affair with your husband's cousin. It's called cheating for one.

What is Good luck little cousin in french?

"bonne chance petit cousin"

What do you do if you like both your boyfriend and his cousin?

do both of them

You found condoms in your boyfriends car he said his cousin gave them to him is he cheating?

Not necessarily - although possible. He can be telling the truth as friends or cousins etc. would do something like that. It really is for you to decide if you believe him or not. no he is ready and cares about you so he has it ready for you OF COURSE HE IS.....................YOU FOOL!!!

How do you say I love you to my cousin in creative wYs?

You can always tell your cousin you love them. But it is not commen to love your cousin like a girlfriend or boyfriend.

What to do if your boyfriends cuzin likes you n you are starting to fall for him but you are still in love with your boyfriend?

I'd say you stick with your boyfriend. If he dumps you, then go for the cousin. Don't try to be with both though, it ends up in a total mess. (I would hope you didn't think of it, but I just want to make sure. Want to help the best I can :) )

Can your cousin be your boyfriend?

sure he can , even thos people say its discusting . Its cute to have your cousin as a boy friend