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you should leave him if your boyfriend threatens you in anyway your to good for him so ditch him NOW

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Q: When your boyfriend threatens to leave you?
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Related questions

When your boyfriend threatens to leave every time?

Dare him to leave. Challenge him to do it and if he does, he's NOT worth it.

Can your boyfriend truly love you if he threatens you when you try to break up and makes you to scared of what he will do if you leave?

No, if he threatens you, or scares you, then you need to leave no matter what, or tell someone you trust.

What do you do if a boyfriend lover or husband threatens to kill you if you leave?

kill them first

What can you do if your boyfriend doesn't like you drinking and threatens to leave?

then stop drinking snd u would not have any problems

When your boyfriend of 16 years threatens to throw you out of the house everytime he don't get sex what do I do isn't this against the law?

Leave his butt!

What to do if your ex-boyfriend threatens your present boyfriend?

Well , usually the past boyfriend is angry with the fact that you no longer want to be with him. So the past boyfriend doesn't want to do anything to you so he threatens your present boyfriend . All you can do is tell your present boyfriend to be the bigger person and tell your past boyfriend that he needs to grow up and get a life. Trust me it has happened to me before . If the behavior continues tell the past boyfriend that you no longer want to be bothered by him and you are happy with the guy your with ,who is NOT HIM. If he is a right minded boy he would leave you alone and just go with the flow .

What to do when your friend's boyfriend basically threatens you?

Tell them to stop

How do you get away from a controlling boyfriend that threatens to hurt everything and one you own if you try to leave him without getting others hurt in the process?

if you try and leave him and they threaten to hurt you or anyone simply call the cops and make a report that he threatened you

I need help My very best friend happens to be my ex and my current boyfriend threatens to leave me These two people are the very most importand to me in different ways What sgould I do?

if ur current boyfriend cant uderstand your just friends u should leave him! dont let him walk all over u!!!

What to think when your boyfriend threatens to break up with you after you hurt him?

That you should never hit your boyfriend or to anyone, because it shows disrespects.

What should be done if a boyfriend threatens to hit you?

Dump him is the safest thing to do. Besides, if he threatens to hit you that's not a true boyfriends. There are heaps of boyfriends better than that jerk.

When my boyfriend and I argue he always threatens to leave or he says if you don't like it go Then the next day or a few hours later he is apologizing and telling me he loves me What should I do?

It is called verbal abuse and the thrill of the chase. Leave! Things will never change only get worse as more bounderies are crossed.

What do you do when your mom threatens to not let you see your boyfriend anymore?

well it depends what she threaten you with and if he worth it.

What are the release dates for Cavalcade of Stars - 1949 Ralph Threatens to Leave 3-12?

Cavalcade of Stars - 1949 Ralph Threatens to Leave 3-12 was released on: USA: 16 November 1951

What should you do if your boyfriend leaves you when you go out because he is jealous and THEN threatens to do it a second time?

You should leave him. That sort of jealousy - when it is unwarranted (and even if it is not) - is abuse. The man in immature and not ready for an equitable relationship. I presume"he" can go out whenever he pleases?

How do you break up with your boyfriend if he threatens to put you in jail for mental abuse if you do?

Your boyfriend is psychologically holding you prisoner. He's bluffing because he would have to prove mental abuse. Try putting a recorder under the couch or somewhere he will not see it for a day or two and get his threats on tape. Then leave and report it to the police or at least see a lawyer if at all possible so there is a record of it. Be sure and keep a copy of the tape for yourself. There is not much he can do to you once you leave and a mental abuser seldom wants to leave when they supposedly have their victim (your boyfriend) trapped so accusations would not hold water.

Is it okay to fight a friend's boyfriend if he threatens you first?

well thats earelivant buddy its do or die time

What to do when your dad threatens your boyfriend if he doesnt stop seeing me. im 15 hes 17.?

Depends, what did he threaten him for?

What to do when someone comes to your house and threatens you?

Ask him/her to leave but if he/she says no then tell an adult that he/she is threatening you

How does link deas help helen?

He threatens to turn Bob Ewell in if he does not leave her alone.

Why cant my boyfriend leave me alone?

If you want your boyfriend to leave you alone, you will need to tell him how you feel. He will not leave you alone until he knows that you want him too.

How do you leave your abusive husband for an ex boyfriend?

quietly do not let him know you are leaving. An abusive husband is a very common and serious problem. if you have plans to move in with your ex boyfriend then do it secretly make sure he is asleep or at least an hour or 2 away. if you receive threats do not answer he will find you. if he threatens you again go to the police it is no longer a small enough problem, CALL THE POLICE!!!

What should you do if your mother's boyfriend hits you and threatens to kill you?

Do need to do 2 things. Tell your mother and the police if you have been threatened.

How do you seduce a Japanese girl with a boyfriend?

If she has a boyfriend, leave her alone.

Your girlfriend threatens to leave?

If your girlfriend threatens to leave, she wants something to change. Even if she's bluffing you need to ask what if anything can you do to change her mind. That will give her the feeling that you care. You sound concerned so this may help you realize what has to happen to continue on. If it's something you don't understand, it may be that you're not doing anything wrong but she is looking for an excuse to leave.