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Its very likely that they can require you to pay off if you just refinanced the loan. READ your new contract in the parts about DEFAULT. If there's any doubt, call a local attorney.


In some states, if you put down 20% on the loan, then all you will have to pay is the past due payments, plus the repossession fees. You will need to look at your contract and contact an attorney to find out if it applies in your state.

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Q: When your car is repossessed can they tell you that you can't have your car back until you've paid the balance?
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How can I get my repossessed truck back in Indiana?

The only way to get a repossessed truck back in the state of Indiana is to pay the balance owed. Sometimes, you can contact the lender and make arrangements to get the truck back without paying the whole amount.

In Maryland how many times can your car be repossessed before you have to pay the full balance to get it back?

one time, be careful

What happens when lease cannot be paid back?

The vehicle will be repossessed and the leasor will be held responsible for the unpaid balance of the lease.

If a car is repossessed from someone at a buy-here-pay-here lot then you take the car and it is given back who is responsible for the balance remaining?

Usually when your vehicle is repossessed it is auctioned off and the proceeds are applied to the balance of the loan after any commissions, fees or other charges are deducted. You are then responsible for the remaining balance.

Can your car be repossessed if there are children's safety seats in the vehicle?

Yes, it can be repossessed. If you owe money on a vehicle and do not have a clear title of the car - In reality, this car is not yours until the debt is paid. The car is collateral until your pay the loan off. If the car was repossessed, the personal contents like the car seat must be given back to you.

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Could paying the missed payments can help get the repossessed van back?

In MOST cases, if you pay the repo fees and catch up on your payments, you can get the car back. Sometimes, however, the bank will want you to pay the entire balance.

If your car was repossessed today but you are willing to pay off the remaining balance do you have a good chance of getting the car back?

Call the lender first thing in the morning and make the arrangments to payoff.

What documents would you need after a repossession of a car in order to get it back?

To get your repossessed car back you may need proof of residency, insurance, and, other personal information to retrieve your repossessed vehicle back to you.

If your workers truck was repossessed and he had your tools inside how do you get your tools back?

ask the guy that repossessed your workers truck for the tools that were in that truckask the guy that repossessed your workers truck for the tools that were in that truck

What do you do after a car has been repossessed?

Contact your finance company. They will often give you the chance to get the car back if you pay up to date plus impound fees and usually some more towards your balance.

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