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You can add your licensed child to your Auto Insurance Plan or you can get the child their own Auto Insurance Policy. The choice is yours but it's usually cheaper just to add them to your existing policy. Your Auto Insurance contract requires that you notify your insurer of any change in household drivers that effect the risk associated with your policy. In any event they must be covered to comply with the law.

Bear in mind that all drivers who operate a motor vehicle on public roads are required to maintain proof of financial responsibility at all times. There is no exception of law for a child driver.

Additionally if your licensed child is still your minor dependent, then parental responsibility still applies and you are financially liable for their actions. This is why many insurance companies require that they be added as soon as they start driving.


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No. You need not get insurance when you get a drivers license, but you must get insurance when you buy your own vehicle

No. He has to have auto insurance to keep driving.

No, you need it to tell them who you are

yes you can get a auto loan without a license but you can not get auto insurance with out one and you can't complete the loan closing without insurance.

With a suspended insurance license, I would not because you will be breaking a law. With a suspended drivers license you can sell insurance.

If you have your G2 or higher you need insurance to drive.

Only if you plan to drive a vehicle. This is generally the reason people get a drivers license.

Yes you can. I am insured with Insurance Locators in Mesa.

If you are covered by an "Active" auto insurance policy then you will be covered, whether or not you have an active drivers license.

Typically, any auto insurance will require the existence of a valid license.

Ordinarily an auto insurer will require a valid license as a condition of issuing a liability policy.

You're eligible (even required) to get auto insurance as soon as you get your license. SInce you are required by law to be insured to drive. What will matter in regards to the length you have your license will be be how much you pay for insurance as they will charge higher rates for newly licensed drivers.

Car insurance is compulsory in order to take a drive test.

No, Not necessarily, There are many insurance companies that will issue auto insurance coverage to you without a drivers license. It just depends on the underwriting requirements of the insurance company. Most of the larger national companies will require a drivers license first but many local and regional insurers will have no problem with it.

Yes you can get Auto Insurance with a permit. All drivers are required by law to carry financial responsibilty regardless of your license status.

Why would you drive without a license? That's problem number one.

If your spouse has no drivers license and does not drive, then no, you don't have to include them on your auto insurance policy. Actually, they have to have a drivers license before they can be added to the policy.

Depending on the Insurance Company, international drivers licenses are accepted at their discretion.

Have your husband call the insurance agent to make this change.

Absolutely if they have a drivers license. They have access to the keys, don't they?

It usually goes against your drivers license in the form of some sort of point structure. You auto insurance policy may increase based on what they find on your drivers license report.

If you live in the state of Virginia then yes you are able to get car insurance with a valid drivers license. You can visit any auto insurance company and get more information.

No, Auto Insurance is required to Operate a motor vehicle on public roads, If the College student does not drive, then it is not necessary to have auto insurance nor is it necessary for them to have a drivers license.

You add them when they get their drivers license, or anytime after that.

Not necessary- you only add/exclude drivers

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