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When your daughter moves out during an argument and moves in with her boyfriends parents?

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2011-09-14 10:37:14

Well, for one it must have been a duzy of an argument for her to

just pick up and leave her home. Then she must have a big set on

her to disrespect her parents in that manner and then to boot her

boyfriend and his parents have no respect for you either to take

her in and not talk some sense into her. I would let them know that

this was not there place to get involved and if in the future they

feel the need they can also take care of her financially. I would

cut her off of money and any other benefits she got from living in

your home, car in your name, go get it. School supplies, clothes,

gas money, allowance, all cut off. She needs to learn that running

away is not the answer and that you are entitled to respect from

her....Go at her full force and see how she likes being discarded

like an old shoe.......

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